The C-Suite’s Rising New Role: The Chief Digital Officer

In today’s top businesses, the rising star in the C-Suite’s line up is the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) – a role with surging importance as the union between online and offline commerce becomes integral to brand success.

A good CDO understands IT, but a great CDO lives and breathes CX.

Leading Omnichannel Integration

The retail landscape is evolving. Amazon continues to open up brick-and-mortar stores, and news recently broke of Walmart’s $3.3 billion purchase of startup web retailer It’s a move that signifies that no matter where you began as a retailer, if you’re not integrated and ready to engage both in-store and online, it’s going to cost you.

The CDO role was specifically created to provide C-Suite leadership in creating omnichannel integration and the consistent brand experiences across all channels. It’s no surprise then that businesses leading the way in hiring CDO’s are top grossing retailers.

A Great CDO Knows Great CX

The key to successful omnichannel sales and marketing can be summed it in three words: the right technology. To achieve true retail and ecommerce integration you need one powerful, technology platform powering both retail and ecommerce in the background. The CDO is often the one put in charge of choosing this technology on behalf of the organization and we see CDO’s take strategic and long term approaches to architecting a technology strategy, rather than using a purely infrastructural or IT related approach.

That’s because customer brand experiences are so heavily influenced by digital and mobile. Without strong leadership in digital, a brand’s customer experiences and reputation could be at risk. A great CDO considers which technologies can provide both infrastructural integration and the most integrated customer experiences.

Up in the Clouds

Technology is moving towards the cloud and this creates an urgent mandate for every company to transition to cloud computing and the mobile era as fast as possible – another area in which the CDO will play a key role. All kinds of organizations will start investing in this C-Suite role to bring their strategies and technologies into the 21st, cloud-computing century.

If you’re a CDO today, congratulations on this exciting, influential new role in the technology space. You have an enormous task ahead of you, and the right technology will be there to save the day.

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