How to Build Buy-In: A Business Case for Progressive Mobile Web

Customer experience expectations are shaped by technology giants like Google, Apple and Facebook – and the latest disruption, courtesy of Google, is the app-like mobile web. Progressive Mobile, the next generation of the mobile web, can help you boost revenue, deliver the experience your customers demand, and protect your competitive edge.

While it’s widely accepted that retailers and brands need to be leading edge in mobile in order to be successful, few actually take the steps necessary to make this a reality.

Why? The pace of innovation in mobile is fast. And quickly adopting and investing in new technology can be risky – you can’t afford to go after every shiny new thing in the market. That’s where a business case comes in. By building solid, data-backed business cases, you can distinguish a smart investment from a passing fad.

The challenge in building a strong business case for a new technology is the lack of benchmarks and social proof readily available. To evaluate the potential of Progressive Mobile Web, we put together a business case to help you identify the revenue growth your brand can expect, and to build the internal buy-in necessary to get your project off the ground.

Read the highlights below or download the full business case for Progressive Mobile Web.

What is Progressive Mobile Web?

A Progressive Mobile website combines the premium user experience of an app with the reach of the web, creating a lucrative opportunity for retailers and brands. Like any opportunity, the first group of movers will reap the biggest benefits.

Mobify is the first to combine Google’s Progressive Web App technology with other app-like features now available on the web. Collectively, we are bringing app-like speed, navigation, and interactions to the mobile web with Progressive Mobile.

The Case for Progressive Mobile Web

For this business case, we built a profile for a hypothetical retailer based on the profile of a typical Mobify customer – let’s call it GrowthWorks.



  • $200,000,000 annual ecommerce revenue
  • $150 average order value (AOV)
  • 1.7 sessions per user
MobileDesktop Tablet
% of Traffic52%36%12%
% of Revenue30%55%15%
Conversion Rates1.2%3.2%2.6%
Organic Traffic Growth +30%+3%-3%

What can you expect?

With Progressive Mobile Web, you can typically expect a 20% boost in revenue from faster, more app-like web experiences, so GrowthWorks would see an additional $1 million in revenue in the first month.

Projected revenue boost from Progressive Mobile Web.

How does it boost revenue?

The 20% boost in revenue would come from a better, more app-like experience for customers. Specific revenue-driving features of Progressive Mobile Web include:

Faster path to purchase from performance enhancements (2-4x faster than traditional responsive or websites)Increase in conversion rate
Brand new channel from home screenIncrease in traffic
Exceptional user experienceIncrease in return rate

Accelerated Growth

Now let’s take natural growth into account. Your revenue should continue to grow year over year due to natural growth, but Progressive Mobile Web gives you the opportunity to accelerate that growth and get ahead.

GrowthWorks could see an additional $35.9 million in revenue over the next 2 years with Progressive Mobile Web.

Accelerated growth from Progressive Mobile Web

ROI on Web Push

Web push notifications can be used as another key revenue-driving feature of Progressive Mobile Web. Long available through apps, push notifications from web browsers are relatively new.

For GrowthWorks, we’ll make the following assumptions:

  • 1% opt-in rate (typical Mobify customers see a 6% opt-in rate)
  • 0.25 click-through rate (Mobify average = 0.50)
  • 1 message sent per month

If GrowthWorks were to implement web push notifications, it could see $5,326,000 in cumulative revenue from web push over the next 2 years.

Revenue from Progressive Mobile web push notifications

The Opportunity Cost

The future of the mobile web has arrived, and customer expectations are evolving along with it. While it may be tempting to wait and see what happens, there is a significant opportunity cost in waiting to embrace customer expectations. Every month delayed is another month of lower conversions, since visitors aren’t getting a Progressive Mobile Web experience. It is also one more month in which you are not building your subscriber base for web push notifications.

Delaying implementation means delaying the cumulative revenue from Progressive Mobile Web and web push notifications – and it adds up quickly. If GrowthWorks were to delay the implementation of the Mobify Platform one month it could cost $1,149,000, and delaying 6 months could cost $7,289,000!

The opportunity cost of delaying implementation of Progressive Mobile Web.

This is a unique time in mobile, the next evolution of the web has emerged and the first movers will reap the rewards. Progressive Mobile is an opportunity for retailers and brands to boost revenue, keep up with customer expectations, and protect their competitive edge.

Download the Full Business Case

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