Bots Aren’t Killing Marketing Channels, They’re Enhancing Them

Every time new technology comes out, advocates pronounce all older technologies dead.

But we should take such proclamations of doom with a grain of salt. Television didn’t kill radio, radio didn’t kill books, and neither of these died with the dawn of the Internet.

The same is true about the presumption that bots are rendering traditional apps obsolete. Technological advances aren’t linear “this or that” competitions that force marketers to choose between tools to reach audiences.

Bot technology won’t replace email, apps, or web browsers. It’s simply a new interface that provides users with a different way to navigate their devices.

Although bots might be revolutionary, brands still leverage the native functionality of mobile devices with apps. Bots are simply an interface to help guide users between apps.

Whether through email, apps, or bots, most consumers ultimately communicate via mobile devices. To deliver relevant, engaging content, retailers must understand how users interact with these platforms.

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