Bonobos Launches Mobile Site

Web-based premium men’s apparel brand Bonobos has launched their mobile
site with Mobify.

“We were able to see from the underlying metrics of our prior mobile site
that we weren’t delivering on the high standards we set for ourselves,”
said RIchard Mumby, VP of marketing at Bonobos. “Conversion and bounce
rates were significantly worse than our desktop site.bonobos-pants “However,
our average order on the prior site was more than 40 percent higher than
our desktop site, indicating that there was a strong appetite for
Bonobos on the go.”

Famous for their ninja customer service, Bonobos saw that their
customers demanding a mobile presence and turned to Mobify to create an
amazing mobile web experience.

The new mobile site makes it easy for mobile customers to get what they
want, when they want it.  The mobile site feels familiar to anyone who
has used the desktop site, making it incredibly intuitive to navigate.

Check it out for yourself by visiting on your
iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry 6+ device.

Read more about the Bonobos launch here.

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