[Benchmarks Report] Mobile Shoppers are Dropping Off Earlier Than You Think

This edition of Mobify’s quarterly Mobile Commerce Insights Report identifies where you’re losing customers throughout each stage of the mobile shopping journey – and how to save them.

Where Are You Losing Mobile Shoppers?

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These are conditional rates. For example, the 7% checkout rate is not for all users, just those who saw a second page.

Shoppers are Dropping Off Earlier Than You Think

The top part of the funnel, from clicking on a search result to landing on the first page, is widely ignored. Typically, retailers invest time and resources on search engine optimization to drive traffic to their websites, and they monitor the bounce rate to keep customers engaged past the first page, but they’re missing a huge gap in between, which we refer to as the pre-bounce rate. Mobile shoppers are dropping off (or pre-bouncing) before the first page even loads because it’s too slow.

Lancôme USA recognized this gap and implemented Accelerated Mobile Pages to save their traffic:

“People today have incredibly short attention spans, so we know we’ll lose our mobile shoppers if we don’t provide fast, intuitive experiences. That’s why we partnered with Mobify to build Accelerated Mobile Pages that load almost instantly. These landing pages have decreased our median load time 74% to ensure customers don’t drop off before the first page even loads.”Malik headshot image

Malik Abu-Ghazaleh, Vice President of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, Lancôme USA

Pre-bounce Rate Defined

A “pre-bounce” occurs when someone starts to load a page, but leaves before it finishes loading.

Users who drop off after the full page load are part of the bounce rate. All retailers monitor this metric, but they forget about those who drop off before this. The pre-bounce rate includes users who drop off between the click and full page load.

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How long do mobile shoppers say they’ll wait?

There have been a lot of surveys over the years to determine how long mobile shoppers are willing to wait for a page to load.

“Shoppers will wait no more than 3 seconds before abandoning a retail site.” Forrester Consulting on behalf of Akamai Technologies, n=1,048 U.S. online consumers, September 2009

“Shoppers will wait no more than 3 seconds before abandoning a retail site.” Click To Tweet

“62% of shoppers said they were only willing to wait up to 5 seconds.” Imperva Incapsula report titled “How 5 Seconds Can Make a Better E-Commerce Site.”, n=4,568 ages 18+, February 2016

One study even found that the level of stress caused by mobile delays was comparable to watching a horror movie!

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How long do mobile shoppers actually wait?

So we know how long shoppers say they’ll wait, but how long do mobile shoppers ACTUALLY wait? If a shopper “pre-bounces” it doesn’t count as a session in analytics software, so retailers don’t know how many users they’re losing before the first page load.  

We began tracking “attempted load” – when a user begins loading a page – in order to quantify the traffic lost before the first page load. Download the 2017 Q3 Mobile Commerce Insights Report to find out the pre-bounce rate by page load time.

Get the 2017 Q3 Insights Report

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