Be the Ferris Bueller Your Shoppers Need You to Be This Black Friday

In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

Today we’re saying, “Retail moves pretty fast. If you don’t start prepping for Black Friday now, you might miss out.”

Mobile drove 1.2 billion in revenue during Black Friday 2016

Black Friday represents a huge opportunity for retailers each year, and the influence of mobile is increasing. Last Black Friday, mobile drove $1.2 billion of revenue and 55% of total traffic. You need to start thinking about how to capitalize on this opportunity now by providing an amazing experience for your shoppers.

So what do you need to become the hero your shoppers expect you to be?

Be a really fast red sports car

There is a reason Ferris pushed Cameron to let him drive that red sports car – because it’s fast.

Your shoppers want that speed too. Maybe you can’t give them a red sports car, but you can give them a mobile experience that lets them browse and checkout quickly. With Black Friday, your shoppers have 1 (4 if you include the whole weekend) day to get their holiday shopping done. Your mobile site must be fast – or at least have the perception of speed – to drive those sales. 

Be Ferris in his performance of Danke Schoen

Imagine Ferris’ performance of Danke Schoen during the parade. Do you remember not being able to look away, watching his every move? We do.

That’s why your mobile site should feel delightful and function like an app – full screen mode, pinned headers, offline mode, and web push notifications included. These features make it easier for your shoppers to browse your site, select the products they want, and have the trust and confidence needed to click “purchase.”

Be persuasive enough to convince your Cameron-like shoppers

Cameron was the most skeptical of – and resistant to – Ferris’ antics, but he played hooky with him anyway.

Imagine your shopper is Cameron, filled with fear to click “proceed to checkout.” Checkout is one of the biggest blockers for shoppers on mobile and it’s evident in the data: while the number of mobile shoppers adding items to cart may be on par or higher than desktop shoppers, the number of shoppers actually purchasing is much less.

It’s more important than ever to make checking-out a seamless, frictionless process. Use UI design to charm your customer the way Ferris charmed Cameron. We recommend watching our webinar on UX design best practices for mobile commerce for more details on how to do this.

“Be persuasive enough to convince your Cameron-like shoppers.”

Ferris had one last day to play hooky from school, and he made the most of it. And you have one Black Friday in 2017 – are you going to make the most of it, too?

To learn more about how Black Friday performed last year, check out our Q4 2016 Insights Report. Learn more about how you can optimize your mobile site for Black Friday by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager.

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