Avoid Black Friday Horror Stories

What’s the first thing you do after Thanksgiving dinner? If you’re like most people, you find somewhere to recline and let the tryptophan take hold. As of 2015, you probably also grab your smartphone or tablet and start browsing for Black Friday deals.

Online sales are stronger than ever and, according to Adobe, mobile exceeded desktop visits for the first time in the US last year – on both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday – resulting in approximately $1.2 billion dollars in sales. On Black Friday, mobile accounted for more than 50% of site traffic for the first time ever.


The impact of mobile shopping isn’t lost on most retailers, but that doesn’t mean they are prepared for it. According to a study by BlueSnap, retailers missed out on up to 36% of sales due to poor site performance.

  • Target made headlines when its customers complained of sluggish response times and virtual line-ups on Cyber Monday.
  • Best Buy Canada got some unwanted social media attention that showed its customers shopping at the competition when its site went down almost immediately on Black Friday.
  • Victoria Secret and Foot Locker both went down temporarily, but none was as bad as Neiman Marcus’ two-day outage, which cost the retailer 30-plus hours of shopping time.

Progressive Solutions

Load times have a huge impact on conversions: 40% of customers will leave a page if it doesn’t load within three seconds, and 79% say they won’t return to a slow site. Mobify’s Progressive Mobile™ can help you capture those short attention spans on Black Friday (and the rest of the shopping season) with high-speed performance and load times that are 3X faster than m.dot websites. We also optimize your mobile site for search and build consistency across devices. Beyond that, we give you the power to enhance your customer experience with web push notifications and both iOS and Android apps, all managed from one codebase for a fraction of the time and cost it takes to implement and maintain point solutions.

Seeing as these ecommerce horror stories happened at a time when online shoppers outnumbered in-store shoppers for the first time (at 103 million to 102 million, respectively), the need to build a Progressive Mobile web experience has never been more urgent.

See what Progressive Mobile™ can do for you (just in time for the holidays).


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