The Potential of Augmented Reality Goes Beyond Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go and its sudden, meteoric success has created a whole new dimension in which consumers and brands will now interact. It has demonstrated that a successful, mobile-driven augmented reality game can capture both interest and adoption from people across the demographic spectrum.

The AR Draw

People have enthusiastically accepted the invitation to interact with their smartphones in ways that they never could with their desktop computers. This has enormous implications for retailers: mobile shopping experiences will end up way more advanced and interactive than desktop ever was because mobile is the augmented reality conduit of the future. Analysts predict that the augmented reality (AR) market will be 3x larger than the virtual reality market as it doesn’t require any expensive hardware – customers can simply use their smartphone already in hand.

This new combination of mobile, social and physical interaction charmed and fascinated millions of people and ushered in a new playing field in the mobile matrix. With built in technologies that can be harnessed to create holistic, timely and location-specific experiences (all of which Pokémon Go utilizes brilliantly), mobile, together with AR, is poised to change much more than just shopping.

Start Experimenting

Experiences and expectations of customers are evolving as we speak. Customers will bring out their phones to see if there is anything cool or interesting to experience with all their favorite brands. CEO’s and CMO’s everywhere should be ready to meet that curiosity and desire to engage. They should be asking themselves how they can use this new, still novel tool, to drive a new kind of customer engagement and shopping experience.

This is a not just a lesson to be learned but an enormous opportunity for retailers to invent, lead and succeed in this critical and transformational new space.