Aritzia Gets a Mobile View

Every website deserves a mobile view, but for some it’s more important
than for others. Aritzia, a great clothing brand, needed to make sure
that their shiny new portal (powered by Drupal) works great on
mobile. Things like store locations, lookbooks and blog entries need to
be accessible on every device, so iPhone apps were not an option.

Aritzia decided to create a mobile view for their site with Mobify and
the results speak for themselves:

Before Mobify: [, index page – 1MB]

Mobile View by Mobify: [, index page – 27KB]

Another point of pride for us is YouTube Transcoding, which is one
of the premium features of the Mobify Pro package. Thanks to this
feature, YouTube videos are displayed inline on the iPhone and as a
thumbnail+link to the mobile site for YouTube on other devices. Works

As usual, we would like to point out that this is not a mobile site!
Mobify lets you define a mobile view for an existing site – and
designing this particular one only took a couple hours. So, don’t wait.
Go ahead and create a luxury mobile view for your own site!