Are you wasting money with your Pay-Per-Click campaigns?

If you don’t have a mobile landing page, yes.

Google is by far the most dominant PPC advertiser online today.  Buried
within your campaign setup is a small checkbox that asks you whether you
want your campaign to run on mobile.  If you are clicking “yes” without
a mobile landing page, you are wasting your money.

Your price-per-click will increase, without any benefit to you.  In July
2010, Google owned a faintly absurd 98.29% of the mobile search
market [1].  It knows the mobile market well, and recommends that you
have a custom mobile landing page to direct mobile users to.  Yet, why
do so many companies ignore this, and still click that little button for
mobile campaigns?

When a mobile user hits a landing page designed to be viewed by a
desktop browser, they most often leave due to the generally bad
experience of viewing a desktop site on a mobile device.  This is not
conjecture; it is backed up by a rash of statistics on mobile bounce


Traditionally, advertisers have had to design separate campaigns for
desktop and mobile devices.  The extra effort needed to execute
integrated campaigns, along with a dearth of knowledge and experience
has led to campaigns that perform poorly on mobile.  This may have led
to companies abandoning dedicated mobile campaigns, after seeing their
“ineffectiveness.”  However, with the mobile market maturing and market
leaders like Google acknowledging mobile’s impact, mobile campaigns are
gaining traction.

Mobify helps to make mobile campaigns easy.  Once your website is
mobified and your redirect in place, you only need to create 1 campaign
for desktop and mobile.  Click the option in Google AdWords to display
your ads on mobile devices, and Mobify’s redirection of mobile devices
will take care of the rest.  The mobile user unfriendly, bounce-happy
landing pages?  Mobify automatically detects incoming browsers and shows
them a page designed specifically for their device.  This means desktop
browsers get desktop pages and mobile browsers get mobile pages.  It’s
as simple as that.  Now, one campaign can easily span desktop and mobile
with no added effort.  Our A/B testing has proven its effectiveness over
and over., the leading online retailer of crowd-sourced t-shirt
designs, has a strong AdWords presence.  However, their campaign is
identical across all platforms.  This is less backend effort on their
part, and is effective across mobile and desktop.  The net result?
Their mobile clickthrough rates and mobile completions have more than

Businesses must tailor strategies to include the rapid growth of the
mobile space.  With mobile browsing set to surpass desktop browsing by
2015, mobile advertising has to move past its nascent phase to properly
capture the market, and running a proper mobile campaign is a good first


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