Are the Buttons on Your Mobile Commerce Website Right-Sized for Trust?

One reason customers abandon checkout on their mobile devices is that pinching and zooming to click on small buttons is just too much work. The need for these extra gestures undermines their confidence that they’ve selected the options they want. This kind of anxiety during checkout is too much—it will stop customers in their tracks.

You might be thinking that your desktop website will render just fine on mobile devices because customers can resize elements to fit the smaller screen. Unfortunately, this is a costly (and all-too-common) misstep when thinking about mobile commerce strategy. The extra effort actually causes customers to leave. Worse, they’ll probably tell their friends: More than half of consumers (57%) say they won’t recommend a site that is difficult to navigate.

There’s no trick: You’ve got to fix every last pixel.

Details matter. Your navigation may be great, but double-check all the little details like sub-navigation items, color selection boxes, and size drop-downs. You don’t want a customer to feel the frustration of accidentally choosing “red” when they wanted “extra small.”

Buttons big enough? Make them finger-sized so there’s no mistaking. We recommend at least 44 pixels by 44 pixels and using padding rather than margin. It probably goes without saying, but the bigger to the touch, the more confident customers will feel as they move through checkout.

Hard-to-tap buttons aren’t the only thing that frustrates customers and prompts them to leave checkout. Read the 9 Common Causes of Mobile Cart Abandonment e-book to find out why customers abandon mobile shopping carts, and what you can do to #savethecarts.

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