[Report] Apple Unlocks Progressive Web App Features for iOS Users

“If people have a negative experience on mobile, they’re 62% less likely to purchase from you in the future.”
Think With Google, “How Brand Experiences Inspire Consumer Action”

Retailers recognize that mobile is an essential part of the overall shopping experience, and a bad mobile experience will cost them across all channels.

That’s why Apple’s recent iOS launch could be a game changer for retailers – Apple released Safari support for service workers with iOS 11.3.

We know what you’re thinking – that doesn’t SOUND very exciting. So let’s dive into what that means…

What are service workers?

Service workers are one of the foundations of a Progressive Web App (PWA) – which is now widely recognized as the best way to create fast, seamless mobile web experiences.

What does Safari support for service workers mean?

iOS users will now be eligible for the additional PWA functionality enabled by service workers, which includes faster subsequent page loads, the ability to browse while offline, a more immersive “launch from homescreen” experience, and Payment Request API for Apple Pay.

Why should I care?

There are more users and more orders on iOS – and now you can provide the best possible, high-converting PWA experience to that larger audience.

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