App vs. Web: Which Delivers the Fastest Return for Mobile Commerce?

Mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop, and analyst firm BI Intelligence predicts mobile commerce will grow to 45% of total ecommerce by 2020. As mobile commerce continues to surge, retail leaders are looking for the best way to engage customers in their fleeting mobile moments to drive revenue and loyalty.

This brings us to a very common question – should I focus on optimizing mobile web, or build an app?

Use this App vs. Web Prioritization Guide to determine where to focus your efforts to see the fastest return on investment.

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The Convergence of Web and Apps

Both sides of the mobile web vs. app argument have been debated for years. Historically, it has gone like this…

Web vs. App

But the technology landscape has evolved and this is no longer the case. Google-pioneered technology has made it possible to create app-like experiences on the web. The result is app-like conversion rates with a much larger customer base.

App vs Web today

Mobify combined Google’s Progressive Web App technology with other app-like features now available on the web to create Progressive Mobile Web, which is 2-4x faster than a responsive or website (check out this video to see how it works). Of course, speed is only one part of the user experience. Progressive Mobile Web provides other app-like experiences on the web, including offline mode, full-screen mode, and web push notifications.

Removing the “Versus”

With the web becoming more app-like, app versus web is no longer an either/or decision. As customers are becoming channel agnostic, so too must retailers. Customers expect to be able to connect with brands wherever they choose, and a disjointed experience across web and apps will have them looking elsewhere.

Luckily, mobile customer engagement solutions have emerged to enable you to build one first – app or web – and leverage that investment to create the other.

With that being said, you do need to prioritize what to build first. The App vs. Web Prioritization Guide will help you determine where you will see a faster return on investment: web or app.

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