App Ratings and Reviews Improve Discoverability and Increase Downloads

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression – talk about pressure! Whether it’s an interview or a blind date, first impressions are crucial because it’s very hard to change a person’s opinion once an impression has been formed. Many studies show that you only have about 7 seconds to make a good first impression!

When it comes to your app, app ratings and reviews are the first impression for potential customers. These quality indicators can be the difference between a user downloading your app or scrolling right past it.

The ratings and reviews are also key to app store optimization (ASO), the process of optimizing your app to increase its ranking in the search results. Better ratings and reviews improve the discoverability of your app. Research has shown that general browsing is the number one way that customers discover new apps, so if your app doesn’t appear in the top search results, you won’t be driving traffic to your app’s page in the app store.

A Best In Class Solution: Beyond The Rack

app ratings and reviews

One of Mobify’s customers, Beyond the Rack (BTR), understood the importance of app ratings and wanted to increase the number of users reviewing their app. To help them achieve their goal, Mobify designed a functionality that prompts users for reviews once they have accumulated enough experience within the BTR app.

“Disruptive prompts lead to poor user experiences, and subsequently negative reviews, so we wanted to ensure that the users had enough experience within the app to feel like they could provide meaningful feedback and be happy to do so,” explained Richard Cohene, Vice President of Marketing, BTR.

We assign points to users based on their activity within the app. Once they’ve accumulated enough points, users are prompted with a review dialogue box. The simple design – smiley face or unhappy face – ensures that users don’t feel as if they’re being roped into a long survey or big commitment. Those who select the smiley face are directed to the app store to enter their review, and those who select the unhappy face are asked to provide us with further feedback so that we can act on it and turn unhappy users into advocates.

BTR Makes A Great First Impression

“Of those users who were prompted for reviews of the BTR app, 8% selected the unhappy face and 92% selected the smiley face. This has resulted in 35 written reviews and 104 “star” ratings on the app store, the average being 4.5/5.

The increased number of ratings and reviews has helped improve discoverability and increased downloads of the BTR app. Comparing the two month period before and after the new review functionality was deployed, app store views are up 50% and app downloads are up 27%. While all the positive reviews are great, the 8% who were unhappy also provided invaluable feedback that we could then act on to improve the app experience for all users.” – Richard Cohene  

app ratings and reviews

Differentiating Your App

With ⅔ of the apps in the App Store not having any reviews, they can be a big differentiator for brands. The in-app review prompts based on user activity are a best practice that allows your brand to improve discoverability and downloads. The negative reviews should be used as direct customer feedback to improve the user experience.

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