Anticipating The Right Mobile Moment Before Sending Push Notifications

Push notifications support the consumer’s shopping journey by providing relevant information in moments when they are ready to buy, research and browse. The key is to anticipate the right mobile moment and provide content that is relevant to the shopper in that instance.

So before pressing send, ask yourself – where is this shopper in the buying journey?

  • Browse
  • Research
  • Buy

Let’s take a look at a few possible scenarios to determine the best kind of push notification for each situation.

Scenario 1

Situation: A shopper has browsed your product online and they walk into your store, triggering a push notification.

Analysis: What should it say? A shopper who has browsed your product online and is walking into your store is probably ready to buy. In fact, 73% of consumers browse products online and then purchase in-store.

  • Buy

Solution: Send a push notification with an in-store discount to help drive them to complete a purchase in-store.

Scenario 2

Situation: An app user downloaded your app a month ago, but hasn’t revisited it since.

Analysis: A dormant app user wouldn’t be thinking about your brand or contemplating a purchase – your goal should be to re-engage them rather than promoting a purchase.

  • Browse

Solution: Send a push notification alerting them that new products are available to help pique their interest and draw them back into the app to browse.

Scenario 3

Situation: A shopper has visited one of your product display pages twice in the last week.

Analysis: It’s fair to assume that the shopper is interested in purchasing this product, but they appear to still have some hesitancies – perhaps they are browsing similar products from competitors as well.

  • Research

Solution: Send a push notification prompting the shopper to read the product reviews to remove any hesitancies.

Push notifications that are customized to the shopper’s specific stage in the shopping journey help push them further along the path to purchase. To better engage your customers through push notifications, download our complete best practices guide.

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