A Revolution in Mobile Commerce

mobify mobile revolution

Mobile commerce is rapidly growing this holiday season. Today, we are
excited to unveil a mobile site for Alibris, the world’s most
advanced online marketplace for books. Alibris used Mobify
Commerce to build an amazing mobile experience for iPhone,
Android, BlackBerry Torch and other smartphone devices. Here are just
some of its benefits:

The only HTML5 solution for mobile commerce.Using the latest
advances in HTML5 & JavaScript technology, Mobify keeps mobile visitors
on the retailer website, providing them with an app-like buying

A fantastic mobile experience for smartphones & iPad. Mobify
Commerce isn’t just for mobile devices – iPad and other tablets get an
improved interface that makes purchasing and browsing items easier &

Get returns on your investment in a matter of months. Thanks to
Mobify Commerce, mobile bounce rates are minimized, while conversions
and revenues grow rapidly.

Visit Alibris Mobile from your smartphone or iPad by going
to http://www.alibris.com.

Contact our solutions team
to see if Mobify Commerce is the right fit for your online store.