A Retailer’s Mobile Benchmarks Handbook

Forrester predicts mcommerce sales will reach $142 billion in 2016. Customers are shopping on mobile, and if you aren’t providing them with exceptional mobile shopping experiences, they will turn to your competitors.

To give you an idea of how your competitors are performing, we aggregated all last year’s data from our customers to create a 2015 Mobile Benchmarks Handbook.

Our customers use an adaptive mobile web solution to create the optimal customer experience for mobile shoppers. Do your mobile commerce numbers stack up – or is it time to re-evaluate your mobile web solution?

Read the Mobile Benchmarks Playbook to find out:

  • How your mobile commerce solution is performing compared to your competitors
  • Annual and monthly averages of key metrics such as conversion rate, AOV, and revenue per user
  • How an adaptive mobile web solution can improve your mcommerce results

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