5 Mobile Commerce Resources Worth Bookmarking in 2017

With the masses of blogs and content churned out every day, it’s often hard to know who’s really an expert and who’s just acting like one. It’s not uncommon to see conflicting reports about trends, or misaligned analysis about the state of retail today.

At the same time, mobile is changing the way people shop, and it’s your job to future-proof your business against inevitable innovation.

On our Insights Blog we provide thought leadership, forecast trends, and let you in on any tips and tricks we come across.

In addition to the our blog, we’ve scoured the ’net to come up with 5 additional mobile resources that will keep you informed on the latest in mobile news and help guide your mobile strategy moving forward.

Forrester CMO Blog

This blog provides actionable guidance that’s in line with your role as an executive. Industry experts weigh in on topics like leadership, customer experience, and the effects of technology in the marketplace.

Think with Google

Think With Google is all about building mobile web and apps for the best possible customer experience. Learn about best-in-class UX practices, including accompanying analysis, to drive conversions and keep up with customer demands.

CMO Council, Reports and Resources

The CMO Council features a Report and Resources page full of best practices that you can pass on to managers to disseminate throughout your business. Curated reports, webinars, webcasts, books, and blogs are also featured, making it a perfect hub for retail executives.

Mobile Commerce Daily

Simple, daily (hence the name), digestible articles on topics like messaging, customer relationship management, apps, mobile commerce, advertising, and content. Stay on top of industry news easily, and see what global retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and IKEA are up to.

Retail Dive

Retail Dive offers high-level analysis on major retailer’s ecommerce and mobile strategies, as well as news snapshots. It also features articles from technology and retail thought leaders to keep you informed about what’s up-and-coming in the industry.

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