4 Things to Know About the New Salesforce B2C Commerce APIs

The recently released Salesforce B2C Commerce APIs are a big deal for the Salesforce community (and any retailer evaluating the Salesforce B2C Commerce platform). Why? These are not just another feature. These powerful APIs are a gateway to unlock a host of opportunities for Salesforce customers. 

Here are 4 things to know about the new Commerce APIs.

1. They enable you to go headless

Going headless requires separating the ecommerce platform from front-end applications, and these powerful APIs allow you to do just that. The result is more flexibility to customize the front-end, and more agility to keep up with customer demands. 

2. They allow you to customize your customer experience

Unless you’re Amazon, most retailers need to focus on differentiating their customer experience rather than product and price. To do so, the digital experience needs to be about more than just selling products, it should communicate your brand values and engage customers to form a deeper connection. The Commerce APIs enable you to launch a storefront for headless commerce that gives you this freedom and flexibility. You won’t be limited to a product catalogue experience. Instead, you can bring together content and functionality from various systems and display it in a customer-centric way in the storefront. 

Watch this 3-minute demo to see what a customer experience could look like with an API-led approach with Salesforce. 


3. They enable you to deliver commerce services to any device or application

Shoppers want to be able to choose any device, at any time – whether it’s their phone, watch, Alexa, social media, or an in-store kiosk. The Commerce APIs enable you to deliver commerce functionality to any device or application so that shoppers have the freedom to shop wherever they choose.

4. They allow you to launch a modern Progressive Web App experience

Customers expect fast, engaging experiences and responsive is no longer enough to deliver on these expectations. It’s also not enough to meet the expectations set by Google’s search algorithm. A Progressive Web App provides app-like speeds and engagement features to keep both shoppers and Google happy. 

An accelerated path to APIs and headless

Now, any existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud customer can take advantage of the new Commerce APIs and go headless in 8 short weeks with the Headless Commerce Accelerated program. If flexibility, commerce everywhere and a modern PWA experience sound intriguing, get in touch to learn more

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