20% of Smartphone Users Have Used a Mobify-Powered Site

In 2011 166,781,543 unique visitors around the globe tapped, scrolled, and swiped their way around a Mobify-powered mobile website.

That’s more than the entire population of Japan and Canada combined.

That’s also equal to around 2.4% of the world’s total population.

This works out to around 20% of all smartphone subscribersin the world, based on Morgan Stanley’s estimate of 835 million smartphone subscribers worldwide.

Unique Views

The Mobify Platform in 2012

Looking ahead to 2012, we continue to see huge growth in mobile traffic overall and in more incredible grwoth in mobile traffic on the Mobify Platform.

In 2012, we are on track to exceed:

  • 5 million unique visitors a day on mobile
  • 1.3 billion visits
  • 30 pages served / second

These are predictions for the Mobify Platform and they’re echoed by other industry giants.

In a speech at Marketforce’s Broadcasting and Digital Entertainment conference in London, YouTube’s director of content partnerships Ben Wilson revealed that they project mobile usage will surpass desktop usage in 2013, if not sooner.  He made the prediction based on YouTube’s current data – serving three billion views a day – 15% of which already comes from mobile devices.

The big picture change we’re witnessing is the acceleration of mobile usage beyond projections from years ago.

Mobile is growing faster than projected and much, much faster than almost everyone is preparing to serve.

Are you ready?

Maybe it’s time you talked to Mobify.