15 Thanksgiving Mobile Shopping Stats

15 Thanksgiving Weekend Mobile Shopping Stats You Should’ve Seen Coming

The last five or so years have had one thing in common. Both the media and e-commerce professionals have named each of them “the year of mobile.” Again and again and again.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when this holiday shopping season kicked off over the last weekend, many online marketers were focused on how the mobile and tablet channels would perform.

And perform they did; a record breaking weekend has delivered a ton of exciting facts and stats about mobile shopping. We’ve curated 15 of the most interesting and informative data points to share with you, and inserted them into the post below.

You can use this information to see how much holiday shopping on mobile has grown year-on-year, as well as to benchmark your website’s performance.

This will help you to better contextualize how mobile fits into overall shopping trends, and (hopefully) help you make more informed strategic decisions about mobile in 2014.

Happy reading, and let me know in the comments if you’d like to know more information on any of the stats in this post!

15 Share-Worthy Mobile Shopping Stats from the Thanksgiving Weekend 2013

This year, total online sales were $1.19B on Black Friday and $2.29B on Cyber Monday.

Source: IBM

Smartphones and tablets combined drove a new record of $259 million in online sales on Black Friday and $419 million in online sales on Cyber Monday.

“In an attempt to play every angle possible, retailers poured money into new mobile capabilities by adding Wi-Fi to key stores, expanding mobile app offerings, and optimizing websites for easier transactions from small screens. The results were record online sales driven by tablets and smartphones this year.” — Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst at Adobe Digital Index

Mobile traffic on Black Friday accounted for 39.7% of all online traffic, an increase of 34% over 2012.

“You hear a lot about the year of mobile, and this is probably the fifth annual year of mobile. But 40 percent of all traffic feels like a tipping point.” — Jay Henderson, Strategy Director for IBM Smarter Commerce

Mobile sales accounted for 22% of all online sales on Black Friday this year, up 43% from 2012.

Mobile sales on Cyber Monday saw an increase of 55.4% from 2012, accounting for 17% of total online sales.

Mobile sales on Cyber Monday were 21% less than on Black Friday and mobile traffic was down 20% on Monday from Friday.

Walmart says that more than half of its Cyber Monday online traffic came from mobile devices. “I think 2013 will be remembered as the year online went mobile.” — Joel Anderson, CEO of Walmart.com

iPad was by far the preferred mobile device for online sales, bringing in $417 million in sales over the course of Thanksgiving Thursday & Black Friday and 10% of all online sales on Cyber Monday.

Conversion rates on tablets was more than twice that of smartphones, with tablets at 5.4% and smartphones at 1.8%.

“You tend to see that a lot of smartphone traffic is predominantly during the day. People are out and about in stores, comparing prices and looking for ratings and reviews. Tablets start to take hold late in the afternoon and in the evening,” — Jay Henderson, Strategy Director, IBM Smarter Commerce

The average order value on Black Friday was $115.63 on smartphones and $132.75 on tablets.

The average order value on Cyber Monday was $106.50 on smartphones and $126.30 on tablets.

“Consumers continue to expect to shop and pay at their convenience during the holiday season.” — Stacy General, Customer Experience Advocate at PayPal.

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