10 Must-Read Digital Transformation Resources for Chief Digital Officers

Digital transformation is a key strategic initiative for enterprise organizations that want to drive growth, which means the Chief Digital Officer role is becoming an increasingly necessary one. As a CDO, you facilitate digital transformation at large-scale enterprises – which doesn’t leave much time to research the latest trends and strategies. So we’ve pulled together 10 must-read resources for all CDOs so that you don’t have to spend time hunting them down.

1. Technovation


We know the life of a CDO can be a demanding and busy one, so luckily podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular way to conveniently learn on the go. We stumbled upon a great educational podcast produced by Metis Strategy and hosted by president Peter High. Technovation meets at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation. 

In this series, Peter interviews digital thought-leaders who share insights on their careers and the trends they’ve seen emerge in the industry. The podcast is geared towards digital leaders in the midst of transforming their organization to be more digitally inclined. It’s conveniently categorized by topics like AI, CDO, CEO, Ed tech, Entrepreneurship, Fortune 100 and 500, Women in Tech, and more. 

Give this one a listen on your next commute – we especially like episode 418!

2. CDO Club

CDO Club

CDO Club is a community dedicated to Chief Digital Officers and Chief Data Officers. The site offers free information on recently appointed CDOs, and if you’re a member, these updates are emailed periodically. You’ll also get the latest digital breaking news, research documents, career advancement assistance, networking opportunities, and premium events. 

The first tier membership is open to all (and free), and the premium membership is exclusively for C-suite digital leaders and includes over five thousand members at a variety of influential organizations around the globe. Corporate membership, the highest available, boasts strategic consultations directed by the CEO of the company himself, David Mathison, as well as a discounted price and VIP seating to their annual hosted event, the CDO Summit. They also present a ‘CDO of the Year’ award to an especially inspiring digital leader annually.

3. CIO

CIO.com is a publication resource geared specifically toward C-suite executives in the IT department. It is run by the International Data Group – a technology media, events, and research company. Formerly a print magazine, founded in 1987, it is now completely digital. 

On the business tech side, the online magazine features the latest in digital transformation, innovation, and trends – all topics hyper-relevant to the Chief Digital Officer role. Technology insight categories include cloud computing, AI, and machine learning, as well as enterprise software and hardware. They even have their own handpicked resource library.

4. Forrester


We’re sure you’ve already heard of this one, but we couldn’t not include it on a list of the top resources for CDOs! Forrester is an internationally renowned market research firm specializing in advising its clients and the public on the impact of technology, specifically recognizing the “Age of the Customer” and optimizing strategies surrounding it. 

On top of providing research, analytics, consulting, and even certification services to clients, they also post frequent insights on their blog for no cost. The blog features a variety of content including infographics, podcasts, and downloadable guides and whitepapers. All content focuses on a common theme – the evaluation of trending tech news by digital transformation expert analysts. There’s new content posted daily on the ‘Insights’ section of the website, so I usually make it a habit to check this one out first thing in the morning.

5. IBV


The IBV or Institute for Business Value is a division of IBM focusing on research and innovation. Founded in 2002, this organization has worked with industry professionals in over 20 sectors providing fact-based research, analysis of market trends, and opinion pieces. The content offered is designed to assist business executives in enterprise strategy and advancement. 

Trending technology impacts are organized by categories such as AI, AR/VR, cloud, blockchain, quantum computing, security, CX, finance, operations, and supply chain make it easy to find relevant information. Insights are also organized by region and industry, allowing you to drill down for relevance. 

The company also offers benchmarking services so clients are able to compare their performance with similar organizations. Benchmarks are available for six functions: Finance, human capital, IT, marketing & sales, product development, and supply chain from more than 21K diverse enterprises around the globe.

6. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey is a worldwide management consulting company founded in 1926. The firm provides advice on restructuring, business strategy, and acquisition, among other topics, to the public, private, and social sectors. 

Their flagship online and downloadable business publication is called the McKinsey Quarterly, where their consultants regularly publish insights categorized by industry and function. One such especially relevant function to the CDO role is the ‘Transformation’ function. It presents systemic perspectives for C-suite executives to transform their organization, as well as videos, podcasts, interviews, and articles presented by expert practitioners. 

7. CXO Talk

CXO Talk

Another podcast made the list! CXO Talk one is founded and hosted by industry analyst Michael Kringsman. He has interviewed over 600 top executives from well-known brands including some of Mobify’s partners such as IBM (now HCL Commerce) and Salesforce. 

It is split into various tech categories like AI, big data/analytics, communication, CX, digital marketing, and one especially relevant one: digital transformation. In this section, top-level industry leaders offer their perspectives on their company and role, as well as insights on the impact of digital for other leaders. The podcast, which also features the video interviews and transcripts if you’re unable to listen, offers guidance for business leaders who want to begin the digital transformation journey but are unsure of where to begin.

8. Digitalist Magazine

Digitalist Magazine

Digitalist Magazine is an online publication put out by SAP, a multinational corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations. 

Here you can find everything you need to know about digital transformation with categories like digital economy, machine learning/AI, human machine interaction, blockchain, and IoT. All articles are centered around strategy tips and digital evolution. The articles are also organized by industry, technology, and lines of business, which makes browsing your preferred topic a breeze.

9. CXO Transform

CXO TransformWe believe more colleges and universities should start offering courses on digital transformation, but in the meantime, we discovered this great online course delivered by CXO Transform and taught by Rob Llewellyn. 

Rob has over 20 years experience in the business transformation field. In 2016, he founded CXO Transform to help executive leaders facilitate digital transformation within their organizations. 

The course is structured around THRIVE: the six guiding principles of digital business transformations. These include Transformation, Holistic, Response, Innovation, Value, Enterprise, Roadmap. It teaches recipients how to lead complex transformation for companies ranging from 500 to several hundred thousand employees. 

Upon completion of the course and exam, the recipient will receive a certification in digital transformation. Organizations that have put their leaders through the course include the likes of IKEA, Cisco, Nike, Microsoft, American Express, Deloitte, and KPMG.

10. Mobify Insights

Mobify Insights

We’re big fans of all these resources because we aim to do the same – provide a valuable resource for CDOs and digital leaders looking to stay informed on the latest digital trends and strategies. 

Mobify Insights focuses on the ecommerce industry specifically. As a modern front-end platform for ecommerce, two of the core themes throughout the blog are headless commerce and digital transformation. We frequently team up with our partners in the ecommerce ecosystem (like Salesforce, Amplience, commercetools, e-Spirit, etc.) to produce joint guides, webinars, and playbooks that are also available in our resource section


We hope you found this list helpful, and if you have other favorites that you think should be added we would love to hear about them below in the comments section!

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