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PureFormulas Boosts Mobile Revenue 23% with Progressive Mobile Experience

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Revenue per User+23%
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Conversion Rate+14%
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Average Order Value+9%

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When it comes to innovative ideas and technologies, PureFormulas is a progressive brand – in more ways than one.

The leader in the online health and supplement space – and one of the fastest growing e-tailers in the U.S. – is the first in its industry to implement a Progressive Web App, considered to be the next wave in mobile. Google introduced Progressive Web App technology to bring app-like speed, interactions, and engagements to the web. These high-performing mobile web experiences are 2-4x faster than m.dot or responsive websites, and enable new features like web push notifications, offline support, add-to-homescreen, and more.

“Leveraging the latest technologies to adapt to the rapidly changing mobile industry is important, but our reason for being is to offer the most efficient, secure, and friendly shopping experience possible,” says PureFormulas’ Senior Director of Technology, Carolina Servigna. “Progressive Web Apps offered the opportunity to do just that.”

PureFormulas’ Progressive Web App is an exciting example for what is possible with the modern mobile web.

And it all began with a single goal: deliver a seamless mobile journey that keeps customers coming back.

The Challenge

Servigna says the PureFormulas team was intrigued by the Mobify Progressive Mobile approach and its potential to solve several challenges. Mobile page loads on the current PureFormulas site were taking too long and the checkout process was slow. This resulted in high cart abandonment rates and low conversion rates.

“Leveraging the latest technologies to adapt to the rapidly changing mobile industry is important, but our reason for being is to offer the most efficient, secure, and friendly shopping experience possible.”

Servigna recognized that with mobile traffic growing, PureFormulas needed to create a faster, easier path to purchase on mobile. Mobify’s Progressive Mobile approach builds Progressive Web Apps that give customers the faster, better experience they expect through app-like page loads, instant-page transitions, and a shorter average journey time to checkout completion.

“Our starting point was an adaptive mobile site, as well as the encrypted HTTPS connection that is required to implement a Progressive Web App,” says Servigna. “We wanted to get specific about how this technology could truly progress our mobile customers’ experiences.”

The Solution

As an early adopter of Google Chrome’s Progressive Web App technology, Mobify was uniquely capable of helping PureFormulas build a faster, higher converting website.

Working together, Mobify and PureFormulas set immediate goals to:

  • Increase conversion rates and average order value (AOV)
  • Decrease cart abandonment rates
  • Lower page load times

The Mobify team used its wealth of experience in making an “app-like experience” and applied this knowledge to the PureFormulas checkout flow.

Lightning-Fast Speed – On the Web

Users associate apps with lightning-fast speed. According to analysts, approximately 40% of shoppers will wait no more than 3 seconds for a page to load before abandoning a site, while shoppers who are dissatisfied with site performance are less likely to purchase from the same site again.

PureFormulas new website now serves a single-page application that downloads all components on the first page load, which results in dramatically faster page speeds. Customers don’t see the expected flash of white screen as they navigate between pages, and common elements, such as the page header, persist throughout the transition, giving the perception of an instantaneous response.

“Our Progressive Web App is amazingly fast, at least twice as fast as our previous mobile site,”  Servigna says.

Eliminating Checkout Forms

Web payments result in the highest number of customer drop-offs, with 46% of cart abandonments happening at this stage of the checkout process.

To reduce cart abandonment on the PureFormulas website, Mobify implemented the new PaymentRequest API supported by Google Chrome. This is a simple JavaScript API built into the browser that enables fast, seamless, and secure payments. It is designed to make payment communication as seamless as possible across different payment methods, browsers, and devices.

By pulling in data that is already securely stored in the browser – such as name, address, phone number, and shipping information – PureFormulas’ new web payment solution almost completely eliminates checkout forms. As a result, the checkout process is 4x faster with half as many clicks, with no changes needed to the payment gateway or processing backend.

The Results

To showcase the Progressive Mobile difference, Mobify ran a split A/B test comparing the new Progressive Mobile website against PureFormulas’ old mobile website.

“Mobify helped us understand not just mobile as a channel to customers, but how the customer was experiencing every interaction with our brand.”

After just two months, revenue per visit was 23% higher on the Progressive Mobile website. The increase in revenue was from a 14% increase in the conversion rate and a 9% increase in AOV. The additional AOV stemmed from cross-sells, with items per order up 13% and items per user up 24%.

With new features like push notifications, offline support, add-to-homescreen and more, the new website feels and operates like a native app.  “Mobify helped us understand not just mobile as a channel to customers, but how the customer was experiencing every interaction with our brand,” Servigna says.

Servigna says Mobify’s value-add is twofold:

  • The Mobify Platform allowed PureFormulas to use the best technologies for building Progressive Web App compliant web experiences, without having to find and learn them on their own.
  • Mobify designers are experts in examining the shopper’s needs from every angle and boiling complex problems down to streamlined and highly functional solutions.

“Being exemplary at PureFormulas means serving new and existing customers in a personalized way,” says Servigna. With Mobify’s Progressive Mobile Web approach driving its mobile commerce, PureFormulas is using mobile not just as a channel to sell to customers, but as a better way to form a long-term relationship that makes shopping for health care products an easy and enjoyable experience.

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