Paula’s Choice Chooses Progressive Web App and Increases Conversions 46%

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Mobile Revenue+40%
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Mobile Conversion Rate+46%

Paula’s Choice is a global personal care brand that wants its customers to never have to wonder if a product will deliver. Founded by internationally-renowned beauty and skincare expert Paula Begoun, the Paula’s Choice brand became a success through rigorous customer advocacy, producing scientifically-backed products sold online and in more than 25 countries. Knowing the facts of what is and is not possible when it comes to achieving results is what Paula’s Choice celebrates as a core principle it calls “truth in beauty.”

The Challenge

More new and returning, mostly-mobile shoppers

With mobile traffic and transactions at an all-time high and climbing, the Paula’s Choice team needed a better mobile experience to quickly increase conversions on mobile, grow the number of new and returning shoppers, and act as a foundation to support future innovations.

Knowing that engaging and retaining shoppers required performance, the team needed to focus on decreasing the time it took to complete core tasks. Slow sites are widely known to cause shopper abandonment and thwart SEO, preventing sales and even damaging reputations. In an industry where the Paula’s Choice brand serves as a reality check against hype, false hopes and often unattainable results, this beauty leader wanted clear evidence the site was working.

The Solution

Designed for performance

Paula’s Choice launched a Progressive Web App (PWA) built on Mobify’s Front-end as a Service, which integrated with their existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance. A fast-performing, web-based app, the PWA is fully indexed by search engines and doesn’t require customers to download an app.

“For our online shoppers, speed is the first essential ingredient,” explains Annie Lau, Sr. Director of Site Optimization & Customer Acquisition at Paula’s Choice. “Our PWA is really fast and has immersive features and effortless interactions that make the entire experience feel app-like so we can serve customers quickly and continuously, especially as they research and shop in the free moments of their daily lives.”

Designing for performance is unique to the Mobify approach to commerce PWAs. The Paula’s Choice PWA feels fast because content placeholders are paired with super fast page speeds that make every page load instantly. Although the site is information-dense, the design communicates a clear hierarchy to help shoppers find the details they’re after. Checkout is streamlined and speedy, and an add to homescreen feature makes it easy for shoppers to return. Finally, the site is designed for accessibility – its high-contrast design and large interface elements makes it easy for everyone to use.

“Delivering information as quickly as a native app would, but from within the browser where it can be easily discoverable by mobile shoppers is amazing,” Lau says. “Delivering a mobile website rather than publishing an app in the app store is better for our customers and easier for us,” she says. “Additionally, a PWA is a website, so it’s shareable with a link. All together, there are a lot of reasons a PWA was the right business choice for Paula’s Choice,” says Lau.

The Results

Meaningful performance outcomes

Next came the test.

Paula’s Choice evaluated the impact of the PWA with an A/B test using some common web metrics, and a few that are unique to PWAs. The test compared the previous, responsive-only version of the site and the new PWA by measuring revenue per user and user conversion rates. The test also measured performance outcomes, such as how long it takes to search for a product and add it to the shopping bag, as well as time spent on site, sessions per user, return and product view rates, and add to cart and checkout completion rates. From a business standpoint, the team wanted to see how the PWA affected key areas of the shopper journey so that it could attract, convert, and increase return customers.

Business acceleration

After a two-week period, the test showed a 40% increase in revenue and a 46% rise in conversion rate. A 55% increase in product views and a 61% increase in add to cart rates indicated the site supports effortless interactions and immersive experiences. This metric is an important indicator of shopper confidence in the site and commitment to purchase. Additionally, in a time to task completion comparison, the Paula’s Choice PWA showed a 67% decrease in the time it takes to search for a product and add it to the customer’s shopping bag.

“By paying careful attention to how we differentiate our brand and how our shoppers interact with our products, Mobify helped us focus our shopping experience on our most valuable asset, our customer,” says Lau.

In its quest for truth, Paula’s Choice is one brand that has tested the customer and business benefits of a PWA and won.

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