How Embracing a One Web Approach Can Help Grow Your E-Commerce Revenues

One Web Approach for E-Commerce

Mobify CEO, Igor Faletski, recently wrote an article for Econsultancy looking ahead and sharing how the One Web approach is the only sustainable strategy to build e-commerce websites for a multi-device world.

In the post, Igor outlines some fundamental shifts in the ways people consume content and shop online. He shares details on how businesses can ensure that they are maximizing revenues and delivering great user experiences on mobile and tablet devices.

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Mobify Studio: the Fastest Way to Build Adaptive Mobile Websites

Today we're happy to publicly announce our new product for web designers and web developers to build amazing mobile websites – Mobify Studio.

Watch the video introduction above from our VP of User Experience, Dave Shea and read the full press release below.

Better yet, try Mobify Studio for free.

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Book Now: Mobile Website Reviews at Summit

Have you ever wanted a mobile commerce expert to review your mobile website?

What if you have the chance to ask specific questions about performance, design, usability and conversion optimization?

If you're coming to the Summit in Denver, Colorado, September 10 to 12, you'll have your chance.

Our VP Marketing James Sherrett will be there doing 20-minute sessions called "The Doctor is In: One-on-One Website Critiques" focused on mobile.

If you're coming to Summit, you can book a session in advance though the website. Deadline for advance bookings is this Friday, August 31.

We've got James in rigorous training up until to give retailers maximum value in their one-on-one sessions. If you're there, make sure you take advantage.

Here are all the details on Summit 2012.

14 Essential Tactics for Mobile: Email, Search and Social Media Marketing

eBook CoverMobify powers over 20,000 mobile websites and reaches over 20% of the smartphone subscribers on the planet.

So we have a lot of data about what works in mobile marketing.

Add that original data to great additional sources and we have a pretty good view what works in mobile marketing.

So we wrote an e-book on the topic, broken into the following chapters:

  • 6 tips for making mobile email work
  • 4 critical ways mobile search is different
  • 4 tactics for mobile social media sharing

The e-book is now available for free download as a PDF.

Get it by clicking here: 14 Essential Tactics for Mobile: Email, Search and Social Media Marketing

What's it like developing mobile websites on the Mobify Platform?

It's a question we're often asked – What's it like developing mobile websites on the Mobify Platform?

It's also a question one of our co-development customers wanted to answer.

Jake Rutter is the Interactive Director with Direct Wines. He's been a key collaborator leading the development of mobile commerce websites for great brands like Laithwaites Wine, Virgin Wines, Zagat Wines and he's the guy who wrote the book on jQuery – Smashing jQuery.

So we were excited to read his post about his experience with Mobify – Building Mobile Websites Using the Mobify JS Platform.

Mobify, IMO, has a very elegant approach, their technology is added to your website via one JS (JavaScript) tag that is inserted into the of your website. When your website loads, their JS tag fires and if it detects a mobile browser (currently they support iPhone, Android, and Blackbery 6) – then a mobified version of the website is displayed. Now let’s get into how it really works, as I just explained how it gets triggered – which is only 1/4 of the technology.

The post includes code snippets, tools, a step-by-step walkthrough and a thorough overview of the technologies used.

It's a terrific introduction to what it's like to develop mobile websites on the Mobify Platform.

So thanks much to Jake for writing the answer to that common question.

If you're interested, please go and read it – Building Mobile Websites Using the Mobify JS Platform.

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