Kick start new business growth. Help your customers go mobile.

Partner with Mobify

Your customers want to take their existing websites mobile. Mobify gives you the tools you need to get them there, fast.

Partnering with Mobify means partnering with the world’s leading mobile platform. We can help you grow new recurring revenue streams for your business with additional professional service offerings. Using our platform, you can acquire the customers you want (and keep the ones you have) using the solutions they need the most.

Our platform is simple, so you’ll be able to launch beautiful mobile websites for your customers in a matter of days.

Mobify is an elegant, hassle-free solution for partners, their customers and end users — which is why our partners have a customer retention rate of 98%.

Why choose Mobify?

Mobify’s platform is for web development companies, design agencies and systems integrators who are looking to expand their professional services by adapting existing websites for smartphones and tablets.

Drive recurring revenue

Drive recurring revenue

Mobify’s platform includes a commission to partners based on a percentage of monthly sales, so you can enjoy the benefits of true recurring revenue. We even do the billings and collections — you just relax and get paid.

Launch mobile websites, fast

Launch mobile websites, fast

Mobify adapts websites for mobile on the device itself. This means that launching a mobile website begins and ends with a single JavaScript tag rather than complicated server-side techniques or fragmented proxy solutions.

Retain existing customers

Retain existing customers

Optimizing a website for smartphones and tablets is a difficult problem for businesses. Using Mobify, you’ll retain existing customers and increase their satisfaction by solving their mobile problem.

Ramp up with expert training

Ramp up with expert training

Increase the number of mobile websites you deliver with expert training from one of Mobify’s Customer Success specialists. You can leverage our sales and marketing resources and co-marketing opportunities to slingshot ahead of your competition.

Partner Case Study

After partnering with Mobify, DoMo’s mobile customer-base grew from 0 to 37 in just 10 months. During March 2013, mobile websites powered by DoMo received over 1.3 million unique visitors with almost 2.3 million page views.

How can I work with Mobify?

Mobify Certified Partner

We are invested in making sure our partners succeed with the resources, training and sales support they need.

  • Get training on all the core features of Mobify’s platform.
  • Subscribe to flexible support packages including ongoing email support from a sales engineer.
  • Get access to all sales and marketing resources, including decks, templates and co-branded marketing initiatives.
  • Collaborate with a dedicated Partner Account Manager for joint customer calls and ongoing strategy.

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