Make your responsive website up to 60% faster.

Mobify Performance Suite
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Mobify Performance Suite is a collection of automated features to make your responsive website significantly faster on tablets and smartphones.

Responsive Image Optimizer

Responsive Image Optimizer

Get huge performance gains by delivering images that are half the size, but just as sharp.

  • Increase image download speed by up to 60%
  • Automatically optimize images for specific screen sizes and resolutions — from tiny phones to Retina devices
  • Leverage best-in-class image technologies (such as WebP) to deliver maximum speed on compatible browsers
  • Dramatically reduce bandwidth costs by delivering only the necessary bytes to each screen
JavaScript Accelerator

JavaScript Accelerator

Automatically optimize JavaScript to ensure pages begin rendering instantly on mobile devices.

  • Use safe script minification to eliminate the performance impacts of latency and low bandwidth
  • Unlock much faster load times by moving blocking JavaScript to the end of the page
  • Fine-tune each script optimization with easy-to-use graphical filters
HTML Simplifier

HTML Simplifier

Get faster page load times with much less HTML. Avoid the performance cost of downloading sections of a page that are hidden on mobile devices.

  • Prevent hidden ad units, sidebars and other elements from slowing down mobile load times
  • Decrease the total page weight and immediately see increased engagement, revenue, and conversion rates

And Much More…

Minify CSS

gzip compression

CDN delivery

Cache optimized assets

How important is performance on mobile?

  $600 Million

100 top internet retailers are missing out on $600 million per year due to poor mobile performance.

Learn more about this research.

Slow mobile experiences are one of the primary causes for turning potential customers off your website. If they have to wait more than 5 seconds for a page to load, the majority of mobile users will abandon your website — and not return!

Mobify Performance Suite corrects the mobile performance issues that are responsible for slow page load time and unnecessary bandwidth costs.

By simply placing a JavaScript tag in your responsive, adaptive or mobile site, you’ll immediately see page performance improve by as much as 60%.

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