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Responsive Templating Manager

Grow conversion rates by delivering an optimized website layout to smartphone and tablet visitors. There is no need to rebuild your existing website, or run a separate m-dot mobile website. Leverage internal web development expertise or get Mobify’s team of mobile commerce experts to implement and sustain your optimized mobile shopping experience.

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Responsive Templating Manager

Predictive Resource Engine

Take advantage of predictive customer behavior analysis to create automatic visitor engagment lifts through site speed improvements. Predictive Resource Engine learns about visitors’ on-site behaviour and preloads assets from pages they’re most likely to access, making transitions between pages fast and smooth.

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Predictive Resource Engine

Website Experience Accelerator

Boost conversion rates by making your website as fast as an app on mobile. Website Experience Accelerator speeds up your website without disrupting any of your existing marketing projects, and without adding work for IT.

Responsive Image Optimizer
Responsive Image Optimizer

Adjusts graphics according to the user’s device screen size and type, delivering the highest quality visuals in a fraction of the time.

Dynamic Script Compressor
Dynamic Script Compressor

Reduces the size of the code delivered to the visitor’s device while keeping the site feature-rich.

Smart Code Simplifier
Smart Code Simplifier

Filters out redundant code from responsive CSS and HTML, resulting in reduced load times on smartphones and tablets.

Platform-Wide Features

With enterprise‑grade cloud infrastructure and advanced monitoring and control features, Mobify's platform is built to keep your whole team happy, from marketing to IT.

Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Infrastructure

Speeds up the global delivery of e‑commerce websites to minimize mobile page load times, shopping cart abandonment and bounce rates.

Account Control Panel
Account Control Panel

Includes team management, version and localization control, and other features to make sure your team can easily manage your responsive website experience.

Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard

Provides top‑level KPIs and conversion‑focused metrics that deliver deep insights into your website’s performance across different mobile devices.

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