Take control of your DOM. Adapt your site for any device.

Mobify.js is a library for improving responsive sites by providing responsive images, JS/CSS optimization, Adaptive Templating and more.

Mobify.js also provides a Capturing API for manipulating the DOM before any resources have loaded, giving developers the ability to enable the listed features above without changing any backend markup.

“Mobify.js has been a great match for our business, we have been able to launch 7 mobile websites with a team of two front-end developers.”

– Jake Rutter, Direct Wines

Mobify.js powers millions of daily mobile visits

Starbucks, Wired, Threadless, Siemens, GQ, Bosch

Why Mobify.js?

Take control of your existing DOM on mobile and tablets. Move elements around, replace heavy images and scripts with low- bandwidth optimized versions.

Recreate brand new experiences using client-side templating when responsive falls short. As you make changes and add content your mobile site won’t fall out of sync.

Use Mobify.js to adapt your site to all devices, for both responsive sites and sites that want to go mobile fast with client-side templating.

Next Generation Performance

Let the team behind Mobify.js help you make your responsive site faster than it's ever been.

Mobify Performance Suite is our suite of SAAS tools for automating performance improvements on your site.