Case Study


The Problem

Imbued with a unique, community centred culture and funky crowd-sourced designs, Threadless is one of the best-known and most popular online clothing retailers in the world.

Its desktop site is perfectly designed for their needs, with an online store, and core community features, like voting on designs, feedback and forums.

However, with analytics showing more and more users visiting on mobile devices, Threadless saw an opportunity to capitalize on market needs.

Threadless Success Story: Problem


The Solution

Threadless was able to use Mobify to take the core Threadless experience from the desktop site and optimize it for mobile.

All the most important features – community, galleries, search, and checkout – were optimized for mobile.

The Mobify solution seamlessly integrated with the existing desktop site. In fact, the only change necessary on Threadless’ backend was to insert a small JavaScript tag into their desktop code.

For Threadless, that meant no addition investment or additional IT help needed.

For a cutting-edge online retailer like Threadless, SEO and social networking are essential. Fortunately, Mobify Enterprise excels in this by keeping URLs identical across all platforms. While other providers require a redirect to a proxy server that serves a different, mobile friendly URL, Mobify keeps mobile visitors directly on This means that all search engine results are identical for mobile and desktop sites, which avoids splitting search results between desktop and mobile site URLs and degrading your Google search ranking.

Mobify uses a next generation HTML5 platform to keep mobile content identical to the desktop site. Where other mobile providers use scrapers to periodically cull updates and dump them to a database accessed by mobile users, Mobify displays content directly from desktop HTML. This means that the instant the desktop site is updated so is the mobile site. This is essential for online retailers like Threadless, who need to display live product availability and price changes.

End users visiting from their mobile device are automatically detected by Mobify and receive the correct mobile version of Threadless. Image galleries, font size, and styling are automatically adjusted based on screen size and resolution.

It’s like magic…but real. We showed them what we wanted and now we have one of the ass-kickingest mobile sites on the web. So easy I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

—Cam Balzer, VP of Marketing, Threadless

Threadless Success Story: Solution


The Results

Since being launched, Threadless mobile has seen traffic from iPhone and Android users triple and mobile conversion rates skyrocket.

Now that Threadless has a new, mobile friendly site, users are happier than ever. As with all Mobify customers, Threadless doubled their mobile sales and reached an ROI in 100 days.

On mobile Threadless maintains all of the features of the desktop site.

Obvious features like browsing products and the full checkout flow have been mobified.

Additionally, so have more subtle parts of the site that are essential to Threadless’ community.

For example, mobile users can still discuss and vote on upcoming designs.

This community participation, essential to Threadless’ crowdsourced identity, is present on mobile, helping to maintain a consistent brand across all platforms.

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