ideeli's mobile website, made with Mobify.

Case Study

How ideeli drove triple-digit revenue growth with Mobify.

Mobify is always available. They help us get stuff up within days, sometimes within hours if we really need it. It’s been absolutely great working with them.

Hilary Spencer

Senior Product Manager


The Overview

ideeli's desktop site.
ideeli's homepage on desktop

The Challenge

ideeli is one of the fastest growing private companies in the US with over six million members signed up for their limited time, online only sales of fashion, home and beauty.

With a growing number of smartphone and tablet customers and a product inventory from over three thousand brand partners to maintain, ideeli needed to get to market quickly with a personalized web experience for all of their members without disrupting their existing workflow.

Before and after comparisons of how the ideeli site looked on a smartphone.
Before / after shots of ideeli’s mobile website

The Solution

Mobify’s Full Service option was perfect for ideeli’s business needs. Working with Mobify, ideeli was able to quickly optimize the shopping experience for their mobile and tablet customers with zero back end impact.

Mobify’s team helped execute Design Suite adaptations and implement Performance Suite features. Additionally, Mobify’s solution is independent from ideeli’s back-end, making site updates and change management a breeze.

  22 day ROI

Achieved after ideeli launched their site with Mobify.

The Results

  • Triple-digit growth in mobile revenue year-over-year
  • 25 to 50% faster load time on mobile vs desktop

Mobify's e-commerce solution can help increase your mobile revenue.

The Strategy

Future-proof by targeting all devices
Get to market fast with a future-proof solution.

ideeli is a 100% ecommerce business. When all sales come through online channels, being mobile-optimized is not an option — it’s a business imperative.

ideeli first tapped into Mobify’s Design Suite and experienced team to roll out an optimized shopping experience for their smartphone customers. Following that channel’s explosive success, ideeli had Mobify help enhance the experience for their tablet customers. Mobify’s proven solution continues to scale and provide value to ideeli's growing mobile and tablet channels.

Marketing and conversions increase
Improve conversions from marketing campaigns with one URL.

Key drivers for ideeli’s business are email alerts and social media sharing on Facebook. ideeli needs to provide an intuitive shopping experience for customers no matter what link they follow and what device they use.

As Mobify’s platform makes client-side adaptations, ideeli’s website is always found at the same URL across all devices. URL parity is key in marketing success; redirecting users to separate m-dot sites creates a fragmented user experience and results in lower conversion rates.

Improved performance
Increase engagement through faster load times.

Timeliness is key for ideeli — their private sales start at noon every day and often sell out quickly. ideeli members need to be able to learn about the private sales and take action — fast!

ideeli took advantage of Mobify's Performance Suite features to make each page of their website responsive and fast. Swift experiences help reduce bounce rates and increase engagement.

The Mobify solution is really elegant. It’s just a single line of HTML that you add to the pages that you want to be mobile optimized.

Hilary Spencer

Senior Product Manager


The Experience

ideeli's product page featuring large buttons and clear text labels
Bigger buttons and text make it easy to navigate the website.

People using touch screens have a hard time hitting targets that are made for a mouse pointer. ideeli’s site uses large touch targets and clear text labels to help customers hit their targets with fewer errors.

ideeli's product page features a swipeable carousel of product images.
Swipeable image carousels allow customers to view more products and product details.

Swiping is one of the most widely understood gestures on touch-enabled devices, making it a prime candidate for use on product image galleries. Letting users swipe to view more images frees up space to display key information and calls to action, like the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

related producst on ideeli's tablet website
Showing related products increases engagement and boosts average order values.

Swipeable carousels can also play a secondary role as navigation. ideeli’s tablet site features related products on product pages. This increases engagement and boosts average order values as it allows customers to browse and shop on the same page.

ideeli's checkout flow has easy to use form fields, and an always visible timer.
A streamlined checkout flow makes for fast and easy transactions.

ideeli’s cart has a timed checkout to help encourage customers to complete the transaction they started. The form itself is optimized for touch, so people can fill it out as painlessly as possible. This means turning off options like autocorrect in name and address fields where it might interfere.

The Conclusion

If you are a retail or e-commerce business you know how important it is to capture and convert your growing segment of mobile customers. In order to do this, you not only need to optimize your website for mobile from a design point of view, but also from performance and back end standpoints too.

Consider using Mobify’s platform to create your cross-channel shopping experience and drive mobile revenue:

  • Mobify's Design Suite allows you to easily adapt your website’s content and layout so it’s optimized for all devices. No separate m-dot sites or website rebuilds needed.
  • Mobify’s Performance Suite features allow you to quickly apply automated optimizations to your images, scripts and mobile HTML so your website is as fast as possible on all devices.

Interested in learning how Mobify can help your business?