Coastal Contacts
Case Study

Mobile traffic and revenue increase by double-digits as Coastal Contacts releases their customer-focused mobile site.

The Problem

Coastal Contacts is the largest online retailer of eyeglasses and contact lenses in North America. Through targeted advertisements online, on buses, television and in print, millions of prospective customers see their ads and find them online daily.

Coastal Contacts was building strong brand awareness through effective advertising campaigns but they had a major hurdle to cross: mobile visitors responding to their ads were not converting on

“When we were hearing customers say, ‘I can’t check out on my iPhone,’ that’s a problem!” said VP of Web Sales, Braden Hoeppner.

The website experience didn’t work to convert savvy smartphone and tablet shoppers into buyers. Advertising initiatives had created the interest but the mobile web experience was hurting the return on investment of their advertising and the relationship their customers had with the brand. needed a mobile website that engaged users from the moment they visited the home page.

And with a growing number of people making purchase decisions from their mobile devices, Coastal Contacts’ mobile conversion problem was growing all the time.

Coastal Contacts Case Study Problem


The Solution

Coastal Contacts launched a mobile site on Mobify to provide improved convenience to customers and to increase their conversion rates.

With the new, highly optimized, visitors started to browse products in real time and check-out speedily. The difference was night and day.

“What we want to do is have people say, ‘Wow, I ordered my glasses through my iPhone and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done,’” said Mr. Hoeppner. “With mobile, we can get customers their contact lenses faster and easier, wherever they are.”

Enhancing the mobile look and feel and providing a quick check-out process helped Coastal Contacts build a strong brand relationship with new customers, resulting in increased return visitors to their site.

“What you’ll see is optimized images, optimized content, less content on mobile or we’ve moved it around or we’ve done something where we feel like it makes more sense in a mobile experience to consume content in a slightly different way.”

With the Mobify platform powering their mobile commerce experience, Coastal Contacts had full control over what they showed customers. They used analytics extensively to build a world-class mobile browsing and shopping experience.

“What we want to do is have people say, ‘Wow, I ordered my glasses through my iPhone and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done’”

Braden Hoeppner, VP of Web Sales

Coastal Contacts Case Study Results


The Results

Since the launch of their mobile site, Mr Hoeppner shares that, “we’ve seen double digit growth in our mobile traffic and in mobile revenue, with steady progress projected for the future.”

Using analytics data from visitors, site updates are made based on what platforms customers are using and features they visit most. Powered by the Mobify platform, Coastal Contacts can deliver a mobile experience to customers that is easily customizable to meet their needs, ultimately making their purchase decisions easier.

Gary Collins, President at Coastal Contacts says of mobile convenience, “People are becoming more comfortable shopping online. We’re finding great success with the quality and the value that we can deliver, as well as the convenience, with online sales.”

Now customers can find the right contact lenses and purchase them in seconds on the new mobile site.

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