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Mobile Economics Will Tred Toward Web Economics

Business models that work best on the web will ultimately work best in mobile. For example, disappointing magazine sales on iPad are not surprising, as people are unwilling to purchase the same content on the web.

The Movement from Apps to Mobile Web Sites

The hospitality industry may be starting to shift away from apps to mobile web to help cope with device fragmentation and SEO requirements.

The Great Rise of the Mobile Web

A handy infographic with some interesting stats. For example, there are over5 billion mobile web users in the world, with 3.81% of the world's total web usage being mobile. And it's only getting bigger!

Mobile Development: 5 Tips for Small Businesses

Some useful tips for small businesses to expand their web presence onto mobile. Not being tech-savvy is no longer an excuse for not having a mobile site!

2010: Breakout Year for E-Commerce

7.3 million mobile phone users shop via mobile monthly, 3.9 million weekly, and 2.1 million daily!

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