Mobify Weekly (10/14) - Yahoo beefs up mobile search

Yahoo beefs up mobile search Mostly aimed towards the iPhone and Android, the new update to Yahoo's mobile search implements the latest HTML5 technologies. There is no question that the company is taking mobile search very seriously.

Internet Ad Revenues Break Records, Climb to More Than $12 Billion for First Half of '10 New PricewaterhouseCoopers report shows staggering growth in online ad spending in the beginning of 2010.

Adobe: Users favor mobile web over downloadable apps Impressive numbers from Adobe/Omniture study on the behaviour of their users.

Mobile commerce: ten reasons to choose the web over apps Beginning to think mobile first is a growing trend in e-commerce. One that we warmly welcome.

Global Retailers Struggle to Keep Up With M-Commerce Demands - Global News - Advertising Age Mobile commerce is growing at an exponential rate blurring the line between desktop and handheld.

comScore Release First Comparative Report on Mobile Usage in Japan, United States and Europe Interesting stats show many things among them Japan dominating in total mobile connectivity and US leading in social networking activity.

Mozilla launches Firefox 4 beta for Android This news is interesting considering that Mozilla has just signed with Microsoft to include Bing in their search box. Only time will tell how this will develop.

QuickBooks 2011 gets mobile, Web access New QuickBooks offers mobile web experience to its customers specifically tailored to the iPhone and Blackberry. We applaud the move.

Android to Add Next 500M Mobile Web Users in India? We've previously covered how Nokia is set to capture a large market share in the East and now there's someone new on the block going after the same target with attractively priced phones.

Windows Phone 7 Gets Nov. 8 Release The new Microsoft phone is poised to bring a couple of innovations to the already saturated market, one of which is the "social approach" to organizing your information. Will this be enough to set it apart from the rest of the pack?