Mobify Weekly (09/30) - Smartphones Will Outsell PCs by 2012

Welcome the new edition of Mobify Weekly! Here are some cool news stories that we've run across during the week. Enjoy!

Google CEO: Smartphones Will Outsell PCs by 2012 This is bold statement, but if anyone has got access to metrics that would back this up it’s Google.

Mobile Web, Stop Being Average! The path to mobile web enlightenment lies through navigating past many preconceptions. Mobile: small screens – big picture and those who don’t want to get left in the dust need to get it.

Vodafone’s Web Services Chief Quits A couple of years ago Vodafone hired Microsoft’s Chief of Mobile to run its Internet Services devision. One of the projects, the Vodafone 360, hasn’t performed nearly as well as was hoped. This may be the reason for Web Services Chief’s leaving of the company.

New BlackBerry “PlayBook” Tablet Announced We believe in RIM, we really do, but right now, all we have to go on is what they’ve released to the press and, admittedly, emotions are mixed. We wish them best of luck!

The New BlackBerry Ad Network Service The entry into the mobile ad serving game will be made smoother by RIM’s eager developer base. Only time will tell how the new service stacks up against Apple’s iAds and Google’s AdMob.

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