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Red state, blue state 2012: iOS vs Android in the USA

When it comes to politics, the US loves dividing up the country according to political parties. But who is winning the battle of the mobile operating system?

In this article, we’ve broken down mobile website traffic in the US according to mobile OS. Our sample data comes from Mobify's publisher network, which is composed of over 20,000 sites with almost 200 million visits in 2012.

Why are we only featuring iOS and Android? Simple — when combined the two mobile operating systems made up a whopping 93% of all mobile page views in 2012. The next mobile operating system on the list was Blackberry OS, with a 4% share of mobile web traffic.


To view the dominant operating system in your state, check out our interactive chart below. The more red the state, the higher the percentage of Android mobile page views in 2012. The more blue the state, the higher the percentage of iOS views. States close to 50 / 50 will be a shade of purple.

The eagle eyed observer will notice that the biggest difference between iOS and Android exists in South Dakota and Nebraska. Nebraska has 70% Android penetration, while South Dakota has a stronger iOS penetration – also at 70%. Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Virginia are all split evenly at approximately 50 / 50.

What does this mean for your mobile strategy?

Since 93% of traffic on the mobile web in 2012 was generated by iOS and Android, focusing on these mobile operating systems is going to be key to a successful mobile strategy.

When launching a mobile website, be sure to spend the extra time testing on the major browsers that run on Android and iOS like Mobile Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

This post focused on the breakdown of mobile web traffic in 2012 according to mobile operating system.

If you're looking for a breakdown of web traffic according to device, feel free to check out our previous article, Which devices dominated the mobile web in 2012?

Hope that article was useful for you!

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