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Image Optimization for Mobile and iPad Websites

One of the biggest problems in making websites adaptive for mobile devices and tablets like the iPad is image optimization — making sure every user gets the right image for their device.

Images are incredibly important for user experience and e-commerce success.

The phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" is especially true on mobile commerce websites. Rich product images showcase the details customer care deeply about seeing. Simply put, showing customers the products they're interested in is the best way to get them to purchase.

Yet the huge range of devices people are using and the variable capabilities of each device creates a big complexity problem – How to make sure every user gets the right image for their context?

The previous answer to this question was to send the biggest image and trust their device to figure out how to display it. Usually this meant just sending the standard desktop website image down the wire to mobile and tablets.

Sound like a bad way to deal with the problem of image optimization? You bet.

Well known mobile strategist Luke Wroblewski reports from a recent talk by Brad Frost that, "...the average Web page size is over 1MB and growing. 86% of responsive web designs send the same content to mobile devices."

Just sending the biggest image wastes bandwidth, causes mobile website performance to bog down and generally leads to a user experience that needs big improvement.

Now we're happy to showcase a solution to the image optimization problem. It's new and it's rolling out now as a key part of the Mobify Platform.

The Right Image File For Every Device

When a mobile phone or tablet visits a Mobify-powered website using image optimization service, that device gets just the right images for its capabilities.

If it's a Retina display device like new iPhone and iPads, we serve it a Retina-quality image.

If it's a standard smartphone, we serve it a standard image for its screen size.

In total, we serve the right 1 image from 7 different versions of the image.

And we serve the right image from the nearest point of presence in our global Content Delivery Network (CDN), which now boasts over 30 points of presence.

This has a whole host of benefits for customers on Mobify including:

  • Bandwidth savings — Costs for bandwidth to mobile devices decrease by an order of magnitude.
  • Mobile performance — The mobile website is faster to load and every page is snappier.
  • User experience — Customers experience a website that's fast, responsive and delightful with the best images possible for their device.

Beyond the Rack recently launched with our new image optimization service. Now their website serves over 5 TBs of exactly the right images to exactly the right customers every month.

More customer are launching all the time. They understand acutely how performance and user experience affect conversion rates and their bottom line.

As Google reports:

When Edmunds, a leading car review destination, re-engineered its site to reduce load times from nine seconds to 1.4 seconds, ad revenue increased three percent, and page views-per-session went up 17 percent. When Shopzilla dropped latency from seven seconds to two, revenue went up seven-12 percent and page views jumped 25 percent.

....When you speed up service, people become more engaged - and when people become more engaged, they click and buy more.

We want to make the web faster to help people deliver better experiences and better results. We believe the image optimization services does this and makes the web better.

Want to check out the image optimization service for yourself?

We're booking demos now to show you how it works.

Talk to a mobile expert to get started.

Hope that article was useful for you!

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