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Global Screen Size Diversity Infographic: Sizing Up Man's New Best Friend

In our recent e-book, 50 Ways to Please Your Customers: A guide to mobile web design best practices, we highlighted device diversity growth as the second major problem facing web designers and developers building for the multi-screen web today (the first is mobile web growth).

The second problem in our steady march towards a multi-screen world is the device diversity problem.

A lot more different devices, with different screen sizes, screen resolutions, interaction patterns, input / output interfaces and other factors, are visiting your website all the time.

For example, the iPad Mini may use the same touch-screen interface as the iPhone, the iPad and dozens of other touch-screen devices now available around the world. But its screen is a new size that fits midway between a mobile screen like the iPhone and a full tablet screen like the iPad, but yet with a different screen resolution than new full-sized iPads.

There is simply a huge number of different devices that visit a modern website. One of the best ways to see device diversity in action is to collect and analyze the range of screen sizes people use to visit websites.

To illustrate, we created the following infographic.

Based on original research collected from 200-million visitors to Mobify-powered websites around the world, we wanted to determine the most popular screen sizes across all devices and the level of fragmentation of screen sizes.

What did we find? Have a look at our infographic below for the answers.

Mobify Screen Size Infographic

Have you seen our previous infographic? Check it out!

Hope that article was useful for you!

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