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Evolving Mobify Studio: Welcome screen, tutorial and URL matching

Today we’re announcing a series of updates to Mobify Studio, our point-and-click interface to build your mobile website. Updates like this one are rolled out every 2 weeks for all Studio users — if you haven’t tried it out yet, you can do so for free at

Our goal for this round of updates was clarity around the mobile build process and simplifying the learning curve. There are 3 major features launching in this update:

  • Improved welcome screen
  • Interactive tutorial
  • New URL matching

1. Improved welcome screen

When you start a project in Studio, you are greeted by a new welcome screen with four collapsible tabs.

It's designed for clarity, with each tab representing a distinct step along the path to successfully launching your mobile site.

You'll also see this screen every time you return to an existing project, allowing you to see how far along you are in the process and what you have to do next. It also gives you easy access to settings and a preview of your site so far.

2. Interactive Tutorial

Once you create a project from the welcome screen, Studio will open. We know it’s often hard getting started with a new piece of software, so, in response to user feedback, we created an interactive tutorial that helps you build a working version of your mobile homepage.

For example, it will prompt you to select your site’s primary navigation elements and place them correctly on your mobile site. Once you select them via point-and-click, they’ll automatically be added to the dropdown menu on your mobile site. This lets you get a feel for Studio, while at the same time building something you can use in real life.

3. New URL matching

We initially launched Studio with limited URL matching functionality. The only kind of wildcard matching for mobile templates was prefix-matching, which means we were able to match URLs like:


While this was fine for many sites, we had users asking for more powerful URL matching, as we were not able to match wildcard elements in the middle, like:


The new URL matching feature extends prefix matching. We built this feature in response to a customer who had WordPress categories for types of cars: economy, compact, luxury, convertible, etc. all having the same page template. (Aside, this kind of URL structure is often done for SEO purposes.)


The customer is now able to build a single template in Studio matching all these kinds of cars:


All these features are already enabled on your Studio accounts. Try them out by logging into! 

Read more about updates to Mobify here.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at support at and we'll get back to you!

Hope that article was useful for you!

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