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Evolving Mobify: New 'Teams' features and BlackBerry 10 support

Good news everyone! We're extremely excited to announce another round of updates to Mobify!

In this post you'll find new and augmented features that make Mobify considerably easier for organizations to integrate into their mobile development workflow. We've also focused on releasing a series of powerful updates for advanced users.

1. Teams

Role Management

In larger organizations, projects of all types are typically worked on by team members across different departments. Mobile websites are no different: projects tends to feature involvement from a mixture of designers, developers and management before they go live to production.

Up until now, each Mobify project has corresponded to a single email account – meaning that multiple people have needed to log into a project using the same account.

To better reflect real world usage, Mobify users now have the ability to add multiple people to projects. Each person can be assigned a permission-based role depending on what access they need.

These new roles include admins, developers, designers, and a read-only role that allows you to look around the project and give feedback without being able to make any actual changes.

To read more about teams, please see our teams documentation.

2. JavaScript selections

JavaScript Selections

Mobify's graphical Studio interface has always featured the ability to pick elements from your desktop site using CSS selectors. For example, to select a header image, you can simply reference it using its CSS class.

In this round of updates, it’s now possible to make selections using JavaScript as well. With JavaScript, you can make more complicated selections that would be difficult or impossible using CSS-only selectors. A simple example of this is if you wanted to select all paragraphs on a page that contain an image – easy with JS, hard with CSS.

To read more about this feature, please see the advanced selections documentation.

3. BlackBerry 10 support

The BlackBerry Z10 is an exciting new device from our friends in Waterloo. In this update, we've added comprehensive support for the device and its robust new browser.

Support for the Blackberry Z10 is automatically enabled in all new Mobify projects.

4. New documentation portal

Good documentation is central to a good user experience. Even the most amazing features can go unused if they're not accompanied by clear and concise documentation.

For all of Mobify's features, clear documentation for developers is almost as important as the underlying software itself. To make life easier, we’ve put together several guides for the most common issues developers face when building mobile websites, including:

To see the full list of documentation, please visit our Cloud Documentation.

5. Popout preview

Popout Preview

Over the past month, we received some feedback from Mobify users that the mobile site preview in the Studio interface was difficult to use.

The reason: when you use Chrome or Safari’s Webkit inspector to inspect the mobile DOM, Studio previously had the preview window embedded in the same window as the editor. This made it hard to differentiate the mobile preview from the main application's DOM.

With this new release, it’s now possible to popout the mobile preview into its own window. If you inspect the DOM of this window, you only see output for the mobile preview. This is especially handy if you develop with two or more monitors – you can position the preview window on another monitor, freeing up screen real-estate on the main interface so that you can focus on coding your awesome mobile site.

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

We are always seeking feedback from our users to make sure we are moving in the right direction. Try out these new updates and let us know what you think – we're excited to hear your thoughts!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, contact us at

Hope that article was useful for you!

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