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Cyber Monday - A Mobile Breakdown

Last Monday, November 28, marked the biggest day of online spending in history.

According to comScore, online sales on Cyber Monday reached $1.25 billionwith $87.5 million coming from mobile devices.

This one-day total is nothing short of amazing and is in keeping with the prediction that the mobile commerce market will beworth $31 billion by 2016.

Cyber Monday shows that people are getting more comfortable with spending online as well as spending from their mobile device.

Key stats: 

  • Online sales up 33% from 2010
  • Mobile visits made up 11% of retailer site traffic, up from 4% last year
  • Mobile sales amounted to 7% of total sales, up 287% from 2010
  • iPad users bought more than any other single mobile device
  • iPhone and iPad comprised 7.4% of all traffic
  • Android contributed 3.2% of traffic

Key takeaways:

  • Consumers continue to rapidly adopt smartphones and tablets - as well as get more comfortable buying from them
  • While Android and iOS devices may be neck and neck for market share, iOS users tend to be more affluent and buy more on their devices
  • Mobile commerce transactions are growing at a breakneck pace
  • iPad users spend more money than both desktop and other mobile users per transaction and should be catered to

Japan has long been ahead of the world in terms of mobile adoption, but an interesting statistic came out of the UK: cars and trucks made up20% of all mobile sales on eBay.

Seems our friends across the Pacific are comfortable spending thousands of dollars on their phones.






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