Mobify Weekly (07/09) - Firefox is going mobile and we are excited

Mobify Weekly - The Latest Threads in The Mobile Web

We often run across some great links about the mobile web and want to share them with you!

LukeW | Data Monday: Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web Some interesting (and surprising) stats here on how mobile web usage compares to that of native apps.

Mashable: Why You May Not Need a Mobile App Mobile web is getting better and better. A detailed look at what the big deal is.

ReadWriteWeb: How to Take Your Company Mobile Today Short and down to the point guide on taking your first steps in mobile web.

No “WebKit on Mobile” , says @ppk and we agree!

iPhone, Android and the Accelerating Adoption of Smartphones comScore explains where smartphone usage is now, where it is headed, and what it means to you.

Stay tuned for next week's Mobify Weekly!

The iPad Question

Recently we've been getting a lot of questions regarding the iPad launch. Is there going to be a new tablet design screen inside Mobify? Is there even a need to redesign websites to work on the iPad?

The short answer is - let's wait and see. Many questions regarding iPad performance and usability can only be answered when it hits the shelves. One thing is for sure though - expect new and exciting services from Mobify ;)