Mobify Weekly (09/10) - Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile Phones Released

Hello everyone and welcome to another issue of Mobify Weekly! Here are some great links that we've run across this week!

Boston wins Digital Government's "Best of the Web" Award We're very happy for our friends in Boston for winning this prestigious award. They were recognized for many of their achievements including prioritizing mobile web accessibility for their city's website. City of Boston's mobile website was praised for being fast, functional, and useful to its visitors. (Stay tuned for an interview with the Boston team on their experiences!)

Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile Phones Released Opera gave the Windows Mobile crowd a breath of fresh air this week with their new release of the Opera Mini mobile browser. This is very good news for users who are on expensive mobile networks as Opera claims to cut down the amount of data transfer by up to 90 percent.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Commerce Strategy Great article by Bill Zielke, senior director of Merchant Services at PayPal on how Mobile Commerce is already becoming the next big thing to hit the web. Is your mobile website ready for the holiday shopping season?

Speed Counts Recently published survey: your visitors will leave your site and may never come back if it loads too slowly. 32 percent of visitors leave a slow loading website within one and five seconds. 84 will give up on a slow loading site after trying it a few times. This really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone but it's nice to see some solid stats. Stats by Compuware.

UPDATE: Nokia Replaces CEO, Brings on Microsoft's President of Business Division This move is long overdue but Stephen Elop was inaugurated this morning at Nokia. Nokia's share has been threatened  ever since the release of the iPhone and Stephen is expected to reposition the company for a counterattack. At Microsoft, one of the things that Stephen was responsible for was Microsoft Office. Can he steer the hardware giant through the rough water? Only time will tell.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend and see you all next week!

Mobify Studio Update 2

We're excited to announce some new updates to Mobify this week!

We've created a simple way for you to insert a floating 'Add to home screen' bubble into your mobile site. This will help you tell your iPhone visitors how to add your site to their home screen as though it was an app!  Furthermore, apple touch icons will now work when a visitor bookmarks your mobile site to their home screen using an Android device.  Look for a followup post on the blog in the next few days on how to integrate this new feature into your Mobify site!

Add to Home Bubble

The Choose screen now shows selector information about the block underneath your cursor. This will help you pick stronger selectors for your mobile view.  Ideally you should pick blocks that have either classes or ids that you intend to keep even when you make updates to your site style.  For example, picking a div with class 'article' would be a strong selector if you plan on always having articles contained in a div with that class name.

We have significantly reduced the byte size of pages using unicode. Unicode is used for many non-English languages, and this improvement will make these pages load even faster.

We've made improvements to our content selection routines! Our block choosing system has always supported both CSS selectors as well as XPATH.  Previously our selection algorithms preferred the XPATH over CSS selectors when both were available.  Our testing has shown that the CSS selector is more likely to be correct, and our system now prefers CSS selectors if they are present.  This should reduce the chance of breakage of the source website HTML is modified as CSS classes and ids are generally preserved through incremental changes.

Performance monitoring - we've added some new features that will help us track performance bottlenecks in our system, and should help us create an even faster mobile experience in the weeks to come.

Mobify Studio Update

Hello everyone! A routine update to Mobify Studio on Thursday introduced the following features & improvements:

Version Delete - the most requested feature of the last few weeks. Get rid of the older revisions that are no longer necessary.

Site Delete works again.

Brightcove Video support for your mobile site.

Updated Dashboard/Network Page that makes managing your mobile sites easier.

Site Transfer is now much faster.

As usual, feel free to request features or updates over email, community forums or the @mobify twitter account!

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