Mobify Weekly (12/09) - Mobile Strategy Becomes a Must for Retailers

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Mobify Weekly where we post the hottest stories from around the world of mobile web.

4G users will spend twice as much time on the mobile Web The non-4G average of 18 minutes spent browsing the web on mobile is said to double to 36 minutes as the new technology becomes more widely adopted. Some interesting stats inside on where 4G is taking us.

Mobile Strategy Becomes a Must for Retailers "The mobile shopper is often the most desirable demographic for retailers. They have a modern phone, a pricey data plan and tend to spend a lot of money," said Matt Poepsel, vice president of performance strategies at Compuware's Gomez . "Yet, some retailers are providing their worst experience to their best shoppers. That doesn't make sense," he added.

How important is BlackBerry to mobile commerce? Last week RIM had acquired The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), the company behind Android's UI. BlackBerry is in need of a stimulus in the "looks" department to remain relative in the future of smartphone / mobile web / m-commerce markets. Could this be it?

Google Widens Its Lead In Mobile Ads; Bulk Of Money Is Online, Not In Apps Mobile ads inside smartphone apps are only comprising a small portion of total online advertising revenue while mobile web continues to grow and dominate native apps.

Survey: Gen Y Prefers Mobile Internet Lots of interesting facts and stats taken from the recent survey by Opera on where, how and for what Gen Y is using the mobile web.

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Mobify Weekly (12/02) - Gen Y screaming ‘encore’ for the mobile web

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new issue of Mobify Weekly! Here are some cool stories covering mobile web that we've run across during the week!

Survey: 9 Out Of 10 Mobile Shoppers Use The Mobile Web While In-Store Majority of users will turn to their mobile device to compare prices while shopping at a brick-and-mortar store and more than half of those will turn into purchases. Yet, only a small percentage of stores have mobile optimized websites which leads to lost revenue.

U.S. Mobile Ad Revenues To Reach Nearly $3 Billion By 2014 New report shows staggering further growth in the mobile advertising market. This will, no doubt, attract new players to the already competitive lineup of mobile advertising giants.

Gen Y screaming ‘encore’ for the mobile web "We have often said that the next generation will grow up knowing the Web mostly through their mobile phones." says Jon von Tetzchner, Opera’s co-founder, and Opera has provided the stats to prove it. Many interesting points are provided such as Generation Y's overwhelming disdain for physical newspapers.

eBay Mobile Sales Up 146 Percent On Cyber Monday “This holiday season’s strong growth speaks for itself: mobile is the future of shopping,” said Steve Yankovich, vice president, mobile for eBay. Judging from the exponentially growing mobile sales numbers all across the board we couldn't but agree more.

Seven essential ingredients of your mobile strategy These days it's all about the mobile web! The tipping point has been reached and the influence of mobile can be witnessed in every part of our daily lives – from mobile shopping to reading the news and going on Facebook.

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Mobify Weekly (11/25) - HTML5 vs Native Apps

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new edition of Mobify Weekly where we share the hottest stories on mobile web that we've run across over the last few days.

BlackBerry: We Don't Need No Apps! (No Jitter) Some interesting comments from RIM's CEO on the stance the company's taking towards apps. Mobile web seems to be the future direction that RIM is looking at and we can't but nod in approval.

Poll: HTML5 vs Native Apps (ReadWriteMobile) "[Mobile] web is the future" seems to be the resounding sentiment among mobile developers and RWM has the poll stats to prove it! Most developers seem to agree that mobile web is the way to move forward at least in most project cases.

On web you get 0.5% click thru. On 'bad' mobile web 3-5%. But good mAd = 25%-45% (CommunitiesDominate) Some impressive data, stats, and insights from our friends overseas. A certain Japanese website was used as a case study and the ad performance results are phenomenal.

Young Adults Browse Via Mobile More Than Desktop (Information Week) Very interesting results from a recent survey conducted by Opera on how young people around the world are using mobile web.

Apple's new iOS gives the mobile Web a leg up on apps (Poynter Online) The new update brings gyroscope and accelerometer into the already long list of things HTML5 can accomplish on the iPhone 4. Mobile web is the future and perhaps Apple is cleverly positioning itself for the transition from native apps by having iPhone 4 be one of the first phones to support these functions.

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Mobify Weekly (11/18) - The Right to Zoom

The Right to Zoom (Mobify) We're starting this week's issue off with one of our own – Peter, our Chief Architect, discusses the pros and cons of disabling zooming on a mobile device and talks about what is in the user's best interests when it comes to dynamic scaling.

HTML5 vs. Flash: Where does Adobe Stand? (InfoQ) Mobile stats and figures were given at Adobe MAX conference on the current state and the future of Flash, AIR and ways in which HTML 5 factors into the equation.

U.S. operators team to build nationwide m-commerce network (FierceMobileContent) Verizon and T-Mobile are teaming up to take on mobile commerce by rolling out a new solution which will facilitate point-of-sale purchases using mobile devices.

Morgan Stanley's Net 'Queen' Meeker Back In Demand, Picks Mobile-Web Stars (Bloomberg) Interesting article on how Wall Street analysts view Silicon Valley, what predictions they are making for 2012, and why they think the next big thing is "mobile advertising".

Mobile web set to make global impact (Warc) Incredibly detailed report on the rapid growth rate of mobile web and analysis of how it's impacting companies and countries around the world.

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Mobify Weekly (11/12) - For College Students, Mobile Web Is the Norm

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new issue of Mobify Weekly! Here are some cool stories that we've run across over the week and wanted to share with you.

Apple iPhone Users Overwhelm Flash-friendly App, Skyfire (PC World) The newly launched mobile browser has something that millions of iPhone users have been clamoring for: Flash. The transcoding of Flash is done on the company's servers and massive demand had forced Skyfire to temporarily take the app off the App Store shortly after its launch. The company behind Skyfire is currently working on putting the necessary architecture in place to facilitate the surge of new users.

For College Students, Mobile Web Is the Norm (eMarketer) 100% of college students now carry mobile devices and this demographic is highly sought after by advertisers. After some marketing revelations it seems clear that simple ads are not the answer and marketers must seek to create original, engaging content to win the students' approval.

Africa mobile web growth 'exploding' (News24) Interesting outlook on the "exponential" rate of mobile growth in Africa along with comments from Sean D'Arcy – Opera's Director of Partner Marketing and Management, on how the company is addressing the specific needs of each nation they work with.

IAB, MMA collaborate on industry standards for measuring mobile Web ad delivery (Mobile Marketer) Agreeing on tracking, measurement, and other advertising standards will help propel mobile web advertising above and beyond desktop as more and more consumers accessing the web from the mobile devices.

*UPDATE: Infographic: European Smartphone Market Grows 41% in Past Year (comScore) Some neatly presented stats on the exploding growth of smartphones in EU5 (U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy).

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