Beyond the Rack Sees Signficant Success Using Mobify's Web Push Notifications

E-retailer Beyond the Rack goes beyond app push notifications to reach customers who don’t have its app.

Marketers love being able to reach out to shoppers who have downloaded their apps with push notifications about new products or sales. But those messages only reach consumers with a brand’s app who have chosen to receive those alerts.

Web-only retailer Beyond the Rack has deployed a new technology that lets it send messages to consumers who don’t have its app. And it lets the e-retailer reach consumers who are on computers as well as mobile devices.

The system works on any device with Google Inc.’s Chrome browser, and Beyond the Rack was one of the companies that participated in the beta test when Google introduced the technology in May.

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Mobify Featured as Part of Fresh Gigs’ Creative Cultures Series

This week, we launch a new series at Fresh Gigs called Creative Cultures. Our correspondent Crystal Henrickson spends a day inside companies to learn how hiring, onboarding, and company culture play a role in employee happiness. From startups to design firms and all in-between, we’re pulling back the curtain on what it’s like to to work in inventive and productive environments.

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Early Adopters Leverage Chrome’s New Web-Based Push Notifications

Last week, Google released Chrome 42 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The most exciting new feature available is the ability to send web-based push notifications. Once a user opts in, they will receive push notifications from their favourite brands, even once Chrome is closed. Relevant and timely notifications will save users the time and effort required to manually check the site for updates.

Mobify gives developers the opportunity to integrate web-based push notifications into their sites in order to leverage this new feature. Early adopters taking advantage of this opportunity include Beyond the Rack, eBay, Facebook and Product Hunt.

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Mobify's Office Featured on Globe and Mail's 'Amazing Space'

Mobify CEO Igor Faletski shares his thoughts on designing the new office space:

One of our biggest values is communication. We wanted to build a space that’s very easy for people to talk to each other in. Our old space had two floors, and when the sales team is on one floor and the engineers on another, you’re going to have miscommunication and certain details not clear. So, the space is one floor. You can walk around in a circle. There’s no offices, just lots of meeting rooms and call rooms. It’s very easy to talk to other people, it’s very easy to collaborate across different teams, and it’s also very effective because nobody has a corner office — we can all share the view out the window of Mobify.

Video embedded from Globe and Mail.

Businessweek Highlights Mobify as Tech 'Anchor' in Vancouver

Other growing start-ups show potential to become anchors. Unbounce, which enables marketers to build landing pages, plans to roughly double its staff of 50 by yearend. Clio, a cloud provider for the legal industry, has raised $27 million in funding. And Mobify, a roughly 85-person startup that optimizes e-commerce sites for smartphones, recently moved into a larger office tricked-out with murals and a workout room.

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