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iOS Still Drives More Pageviews than Android [NEW GLOBAL DATA]

When a colleague casually asked what smartphone she should buy, productivity in the Mobify office ground to a halt. Lines were drawn. Furtive glances were thrown across the room. Devices, absent a second ago, suddenly materialized in hands.

The debate was on: iOS or Android?

After a series of increasingly spirited exchanges, we decided to see what the rest of the world thinks.

To do so, we sampled over 300 million Mobify-powered mobile pageviews from the first 6 months of 2013 to see which operating systems device owners across the world were using. We broke them down by country and overlaid them on a map of the globe.

The result is a map of iOS and Android pageviews for Q1 and Q2 in 2013. You can hover over individual countries below to see exact percentages.

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Red state, blue state 2012: iOS vs Android in the USA

When it comes to politics, the US loves dividing up the country according to political parties. But who is winning the battle of the mobile operating system?

In this article, we’ve broken down mobile website traffic in the US according to mobile OS. Our sample data comes from Mobify's publisher network, which is composed of over 20,000 sites with almost 200 million visits in 2012.

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Which devices dominated the mobile web in 2012?

One of the most common questions for businesses implementing a mobile strategy for the first time is: What mobile devices are customers using to browse and buy online?

To answer this question, we gathered data from 20 major Mobify-powered mobile websites. In 2012, these websites were viewed by a combined total of 560,792,165 people — roughly 8% of the world’s population — who collectively browsed over 3 billion web pages.

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