Team Mobify at the 2014 Color Me Rad Race

Team Mobify @ Color Me Rad

After brooming it up in Quidditch, battling through the Spartan Race and attending an unforgettable summer retreat to Osoyoos, I had yet to miss a company activity since I started in May. What did this mean for the August long weekend? The epic Color Me Rad 5km run (and yes, the run part was basically an afterthought after the amount of fun we managed to have).

On Saturday morning, my friend Andrew and I met up with Misha, Ross, Candice, Sangeeta, Luke and Eric and headed to UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium for the 11:20am wave. With our shades on, RAD tattoos on our bodies, iPhones in plastic bags, Bose speakers in our backpacks, GoPros on our heads, and white Lacoste polos ready to get lit up, we were ready to go. The only thing we didn’t have was paint...but that was soon to change.

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Mobify Summer Retreat in Osoyoos

View of Osoyoos

My name is Ross Howard-Jones, I’m a Sr. UI Designer here at Mobify and the latest addition to the Product Team. Since I started, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know my team quite well, but to date I haven’t had the chance to fully connect with the rest of the team, so when I learned about the retreat I was looking forward to spending some time getting to know the rest of the crew and having some fun. And boy did we have fun.

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Mobify's Product Team Goes Kayaking at Deep Cove

For the Product Team at Mobify, the end of a quarter signifies a time to celebrate the last three months of hard work and indulge in some fun team-building activities. This quarter, we decided to take an afternoon off, head out to Deep Cove, and spend a few hours kayaking around the Indian Arm. There's nothing like getting some exercise and fresh air while enjoying a beautiful spot close to home.

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Team Mobify Discovers Competitive Muggle Quidditch

The Golden Snitch messing with Kyle Young

It was the moment I felt the broom lift up that I realized I'd erred. My adversary, a man with a tennis ball in a sock tucked into his shorts, had gotten ahold of me. I was about to be the only Muggle who knew how to fly. I gripped the broom tightly, determined not to be unmounted as competitive pride and stubbornness overtook me; and then we started to spin.

Mobify's Quidditch team was born of that proud tradition of tech conference open bars, when after a weekend of talks on DevOps, and past the point of pretending that drink tickets were scarce, a challenge was put forth to fellow Vancouver startup Hootsuite. There on the field, as the blood began to rush to my head, and my knuckles whitened, I recalled the initial reaction of my team to being conscripted into this; that it was a made-up game, and a slightly ridiculous one at that. I was beginning to agree.

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